Meet Gene Lewis, IT Operations Engineer at FileWave

Tell us… what is the best thing about working for FileWave?

Personally, the most rewarding aspect of being a part of FileWave is its professional atmosphere. In my view, FileWave prioritizes its employees by fostering an environment where success is the focus. This involves aiding us not only in advancing our careers but also in prioritizing our families when necessary. I have found FileWave to be a significant factor in both my personal success and that of my colleagues.

Tell us… about that time you faced a challenge and how you dealt with it.

Addressing this question was quite a task for me, as my role primarily revolves around IT and engineering. Constantly resolving challenges and enhancing systems for better efficiency is inherent to our responsibilities. However, when I reflect on my experiences, a significant challenge I faced was during my tenure in support, prior to my current position. Here, the difficulty didn’t stem from the technical aspects of the job, but rather from maintaining customer satisfaction. Working closely with frustrated or angry customers demanded a personable approach. Our support team successfully navigated these situations, adeptly managing customer emotions and defusing potential escalations.

Tell us… about that time you made a success as a team.

Certainly, this would pertain more to the IT operations facet. In our transition to IT operations, we undertook substantial rebuilding and restructuring efforts. Notably, we managed the migration of key systems like our email platform from Google Workspaces to Microsoft 365, as well as our internal CRM from JIRA to HubSpot. These projects posed significant challenges, amplified by resource constraints due to financial issues faced by FileWave. However, the collaboration within our team was pivotal. Despite the limitations, our team’s collective effort ensured the successful execution of these projects.

Tell us… a little about yourself. Who is Gene outside of work?

Beyond work, I lead a life centered around family, pets, and hobbies. My wife and I share a love for travel; however, this passion has slowed since becoming parents to our daughter Paisley last year. Our time revolves around her, and we engage in activities such as visiting parks, the aquarium, and the zoo. On a personal note, I’m an avid cook, finding solace in preparing homemade meals as a form of decompression. Additionally, I’m passionate about music – playing the guitar, singing, and even writing songs.

Tell us… if you have any advice or something to share with other professionals in this field. What would you tell them?

Certainly, my advice would be to rely on your team. The field we operate in necessitates collaboration and mutual support. Effectively contribute to your team so that you can in turn rely on them. The complexity of our ever-evolving field demands collective effort, considering the vast ground that needs to be covered with limited resources. Your team is an invaluable asset that should be utilized to its fullest potential.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Gene! We’re always looking to add talent to our global team.  If you are a self-starter, driven and passionate about the IT industry, view and apply for one of our open positions today.

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