Meet emma ainsworth, professional services engineer at filewave

Tell us… what is the best thing about working for FileWave?

I would say that it’s the people. Although I love my job and do it with the utmost dedication, I don’t think I would be so committed to it if it weren’t for the great people I work with. By that, I don’t mean only my team, but also colleagues from other departments (Support people are probably the wittiest, funniest people in the company!). I know it sounds cheesy, but over time, they became more friends than colleagues to me. I am a relationship type of person, and it is very important for me to work in an environment where I feel at ease, surrounded by friendly, kind people who show a great deal of mutual respect, and empathy, and are easy to collaborate with. The people at FileWave are simply awesome!

Tell us… about that time you faced a challenge and how you dealt with it.

This is a difficult one – not because I didn’t have challenges over time (because I definitely did!), but mostly because I try not to dwell on it. Sometimes, a challenging customer is dealing with a complex issue. My job then is to find the best possible approach and connect with them, understand what kind of issues they’re facing, and eventually, enable them through training to resolve these issues. I can’t recall a specific situation, but there had been one or two over time; luckily, we resolved it quickly and successfully. In case a similar scenario happens, I just try to keep the focus on the client’s well-being, empathize with them, listen patiently, and not give up until a proper solution is found.

Tell us… about that time you made a success as a team.

I am immensely proud of my Professional Services team in 2023. Not only because we sell more hours and thus make the company more money, but also because we get to help a lot more people and make more impact. Don’t get me wrong – money and renewals and great (laugh), but we build important relationships with these people and build loyalty in a way we didn’t before. We have a great product, that’s for sure, but the customers and associates who have been with FileWave forever are loyal to the people who work there and that’s priceless. I strongly believe you can’t put a price on customers’ loyalty to the people and the relationships they established with our FileWavers. Also, we are doing a lot of training, and lots of migrations, and our new and updated Knowledge Base is going live this week – there are so many things that I am proud of! Josh, our team lead, is a great, inspiring person who guides us, supports us, and allows us to focus on where we want to grow as professionals. It feels good knowing that your team is a well-oiled machine and that the contribution of each of us is recognized.

Tell us… a little about yourself. Who is Emma outside of work?

..At work, I am extremely extroverted and people-oriented, but dealing with people can be somewhat draining, so I love some time for myself. I relax in my private library, reading and reflecting. Since I live in the countryside, I enjoy nature and helping out my parents and grandparents with farm work. We are very close and it’s so rewarding to contribute to the closest community. Animals are very important and present in my life. I have two adopted dogs, one small and one big, blind dog, Odie. There’s also my bunny, Winston, who lives rent-free in my home office (laughs). I want to go into fostering dogs over time when I have more time and opportunities for it. Until then, I am involved in rescuing and fostering wildlife; a few years ago, I rescued a baby squirrel (hi, Nut!), nursed her, and successfully returned her to her life in the wild. She recently had her babies (laughs) and visits me very often. It’s an amazing feeling to care for animals and live in harmony with them. My great passion is also nature and landscape photography, but not in the sun and heat (laugh). It’s my autumn & winter hobby.

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