Software distribution with granular control

Use the FileWave software distribution tool to manage as few as 10 or a many as 100,000 devices. Simplify the process of installing, configuring, and maintaining your endpoints in a multi-platform environment.


Transform your IT into a competitive advantage

Manage a large number of devices, regardless of device type or operating system, from one console.


Increased productivity

The ability to work at the file level sets FileWave apart as one of the most efficient device management tools on the market.

Smooth user experience

With FileWave, even users without IT knowledge can easily access the latest software and updates – without help from IT support.

Improved security

Reduce the risk of security breaches by ensuring that all devices have the latest security patches and updates.


Software distribution with FileWave

Granular control at the file level  

Bring any content to your devices with FileSets: simply drag and drop or upload images, OS updates, security updates, configuration profiles, scripts, applications, or files with FileSet Technology.

With granular access at the file level, you can edit or exchange specific files or settings from the admin console, even after distribution to the device.

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Boost distribution speed

When managing a large number of devices at different locations, slow communication between devices and the server can become a problem due to high data traffic.

To improve network scaling and counteract this issue, FileWave uses Booster technology. Boosters act as both a buffer and a distribution point by preloading content from the server and distributing it locally to end devices, reducing server load and improving management speed.

Heal and repair corrupted software

If files, settings, or applications are accidentally or intentionally damaged, modified, or removed by the end user, the predefined content will be automatically restored during the next device restart.  

This feature is powered by patented technology that does file comparison between the server and client … and it works even during network interruption events.


customer success stories

What our customers love about FileWave

"FileWave has allowed us to completely automate our deployment of workstations. I can directly ship a computer to any employee in the world and we empower them to do their jobs."
Dan DeRusha
Workstation Automation Engineer

"Being able to get software onto the devices instantly, without having to change the teacher's agenda for the day, makes an impact."
Jordan Shaver
Network Specialist

"FileWave has allowed us to streamline our device onboarding and off-boarding processes. As a System Administrator, I appreciate the ability to manage both Windows and Apple devices from a single console. Our organization would not be the same without FileWave."
Michael Engelsen
Systems Administrator

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