Android MDM: Navigating the most popular workplace OS

Did you know that Android dominates the global mobile device market with over 80% of devices running on this operating system? This means your employees or students are highly likely to use Android devices over any other OS. Consequently, it’s crucial for IT teams to seek out an efficient Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution tailored for Android.

Explore the power of FileWave Android MDM solutions that streamline your device fleet, ensuring efficiency, security, and peace of mind. Discover the key features, importance, and unique aspects of managing Android devices with our cutting-edge MDM technology.

What is Android MDM and why is it important?

Android MDM, or Mobile Device Management, is a technology that allows organizations to efficiently manage, secure, and monitor Android devices used within their network. It centralizes device configurations, security policies, and app deployment, providing seamless control over Android smartphones and tablets.

Effective Android device management is crucial for businesses and schools of all sizes. It ensures data security, enforces compliance, simplifies app deployment, and enhances overall productivity. With Android MDM, you can protect sensitive information, remotely troubleshoot devices, and maintain a standardized user experience across your organization.

Key features and benefits

Effortless Mobile Device Management for chromebooks

Comprehensive securityImplement robust security protocols such as encryption, passcode policies, and remote device locking to safeguard your data.
App deployment and managementEasily distribute, update, and remove applications remotely, ensuring users have access to the right tools.
Lost or stolen device managementSwiftly disable lost or stolen devices remotely, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding sensitive information. Enable devices just as easily upon recovery.
Remote troubleshooting with TeamViewerUtilize the TeamViewer integration to view and support remote devices in real-time. Provide immediate assistance and troubleshooting, enhancing your IT team’s efficiency.
Geolocation tracking and geo-fencing Pinpoint device locations, enabling quick response to incidents and minimizing loss risks. And you can even set up geo-fencing for your devices within secure locations.
Custom configurationsTailor device settings to specific organizational needs, ensuring uniformity and enhancing user experience.

Why FileWave?

There are many MDM tools in the market — how is FileWave different and why do 7,000+ customers choose to work with us?

True multi-platform management

FileWave offers support not only for Windows devices but also for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

Affordable and scalable pricing

Get all functionalities in one single low-cost pricing structure. Scale your device environment without any hidden cost.

Remote content and software distribution

Remotely distribute software, support users globally, and control devices from anywhere, overcoming firewall and security obstacles.


We’ve made IT teams more productive for 30+ years

Streamline your MDM by bringing all of your systems into one convenient tool. Save your IT team’s time and provide a seamless onboarding experience for new employees or students with automated processes and easy service integrations.

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customer success stories

What our customers love about FileWave

“As we have progressed from Windows to MacBooks to Chromebooks, FileWave has always been the constant. It is designed to be future-proof.”

Michael Giardina

IT & Services Coordinator

“Without FileWave, I would need four to six more computer techs. The cost of a person in a building versus what FileWave costs is significantly different.”

Deana Elder
Technology Support Coordinator

“We have roughly 20 years of experience with the FileWave product and it helps us a lot to facilitate what our customers need. There are some killer features you can not find with the competition.”

Manu Ketelslegers

IT Consultant & Trainer

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