FileWave’s IT asset management (ITAM) functionality helps save your team's time and budget by keeping track of missing devices, reducing wasted licenses and identifying devices in need of replacement.

With FileWave, your device environment becomes an asset, rather than a liability. Including device and network discovery, license management, customized reporting, Smart Groups, location data, and more, IT teams can effectively manage their assets and maximize their positive impacts.

Oversee your complete device environment to manage budgets and maximize positive impacts with better IT Asset Management (ITAM).

Optimize your IT asset investments with FileWave. Reduce waste by relying on device discovery tools to identify all devices connected to your network, even those you’ve forgotten, to maximize your budgetary impacts. Protect against lost, stolen, and damaged devices with extensive IT Asset Inventory reporting. Reduce wasted software with license management that makes budget optimization even easier.

Network Discovery

See everything connected to your network, whether or not it’s managed. Discover outdated assets that can be liquidated to reduce risks and free up budget. 

License Management

Easily track, deploy, revoke, and report on software and app licenses across your network. Ensure compliance to avoid expensive audits.

Device Location

Detect the last known location of devices, if available. FileWave customers have located missing students and recovered stolen devices thanks to our location reporting.

Customized Reporting

Easily generate reports on your device environment for budgetary presentations. Custom fields and active Smart Groups keep data up to date automatically to meet your needs.

Manage your complete device lifecycles to ensure better performance, improved user satisfaction, and maximized technology impacts.

Aging devices are a drain on your IT team’s time and budget. The maintenance needed to keep outdated hardware properly functioning quickly outweighs any benefits. FileWave makes device refresh cycles simple and easy to manage. Assigning a custom field to devices tracking their deployment year can give you at-a-glance visibility to their age and serve as an easy red flag for those in need of attention. Tracking other items by specific attributes allows you to generate Smart Groups for easy reporting.

With the right visibility into your device environment’s health, IT leaders can make informed budgetary decisions to maximize positive impacts. Customized reporting makes data analysis simple and empowers tier 1 IT workers to complete tasks quickly and effectively. Whether you’re tracking missing devices, reducing wasted software licenses, or identifying devices in need of replacement, FileWave makes IT asset management easier. 

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