Manage and secure government employees’ devices

FileWave empowers governmental institutions with efficient device management, enhanced security, streamlined software deployment, and scalability, ultimately enabling smooth operations and secure digital environments.


Device Management for governmental institutions

FileWave for state and local government

Cross-platform support

FileWave is the ultimate solution for managing multiple operating environments, such as macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

Scalability and flexibility

The platform scales seamlessly to handle the increasing demands of device management so you can manage 10 or 100,000 devices.

Enhanced security and encryption

We prioritize data security using advanced encryption, secure network connectivity, and robust access controls.

the UEM platform benefits

See how state and local government institutions use FileWave

Multi-platform management

Regardless of the operating system used, any device — stationary computer, cell phone, tablet or laptop — can be managed across platforms in one console.

Through a centralized platform, administrators can effortlessly deploy software, updates, and configurations, ensuring uniformity and control across the organization.

Manage content and apps

Ensure automatic initial installation, configuration and maintenance of a larger number of computers or mobile devices with little effort.

Our patented FileSet Technology allows you to bring any content to your endpoints in FileSets and edit or share it even after distribution: images, OS updates, security updates, device and user configuration profiles, scripts, applications, settings, and files.

Protect sensitive data

Enforce security policies, conduct vulnerability assessments, and remotely wipe or lock devices if needed.

With advanced encryption, secure network connectivity, and robust access controls, FileWave helps safeguard sensitive information and protect against potential cyber threats.

Simplify compliance

Establish protocols to align with GDPR and other government regulations and compliance requirements.

Features, such as remote device access and wipe, helps IT professionals ensure data safety in case of device loss.

customer success stories

What our customers say about FileWave

“FileWave is a fantastic product. But equally amazing is the human factor behind it. The support has been phenomenal. I truly appreciate everyone I have had the pleasure of working with over at FileWave.”

Sam Roten
Apple Systems Specialist

“Without FileWave, I would need four to six more computer techs. The cost of a person in a building versus what FileWave costs is significantly different.”

Deana Elder
Technology Support Coordinator

“One of the biggest features our system enjoys is the multi-platform support. FileWave gives us the peace of mind knowing their systems will support any of our user’s devices.”

Michael Giardina
IT & Services Coordinator

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