Effective endpoint management to protect sensitive data in financial institutions

The sensitive characteristics of the data and the rapidly evolving technological environment bring unique challenges to IT teams working in finance industry.

FileWave collaborates with numerous financial institutions, delivering extensive device management software that spans various operating systems and platforms, including macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android.


FileWave advantages for financial services providers

Security and compliance 

Designed with the focus on high level security, ensuring the safety and protection of your data is our foremost priority.


Whether you have 10 devices or over 100,000, our solution will help you manage your endpoints with ease.

Multi-platform support

Support a wide range of devices and operating systems, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and more.


Manage your devices more secure and effectively

Security management

  • Device encryption: encrypt data on devices to protect sensitive financial information. 
  • Remote wipe: remotely erase data from a lost or stolen device to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • Password policies: enforce strong password policies to ensure device access security. 

Compliance and audit readiness

  • The flexibility of FileWave allows for detailed, and specific reporting that is truly tailored to the individual environment, and is a dream for a data-hungry CISO.
  • Policy enforcement: ensure that devices comply with regulatory and organizational policies. 
  • Auditing and reporting: generate reports and logs for compliance audits and tracking device usage.

Remote control

  • Remote troubleshooting: diagnose and resolve device issues remotely to minimize downtime. 
  • Software distribution: distribute necessary software and updates to devices without the need for physical presence.

Inventory and asset management

  • Asset tracking: keep an inventory of devices and managing their lifecycles.  
  • License management: track software licenses and ensuring compliance.

How do financial institution use FileWave?

7 features that every BANK needs

Mobile application management (MAM)Optimize application management for mobile devices ensuring seamless control and efficient distribution.
Enterprise mobility management (EMM)Integrate MDM with other important enterprise systems.
Bring your own device (BYOD)Enable employees to use their preferred devices while maintaining security.
Endpoint managementSimplify your endpoint management and get a holistic view of your entire network.
Security managementEnable proactive monitoring, threat detection, and mitigation to safeguard your valuable data and assets.
Software and content distribution Managing and distributing software remotely, ensuring compliance and security.
Risk managementIdentifying potential risks and taking steps to mitigate them.

customer success stories

What our customers say about FileWave

“FileWave has allowed us to streamline our device onboarding and off-boarding processes. As a System Administrator, I appreciate the ability to manage both Windows and Apple devices from a single console. Our organization would not be the same without FileWave.”

Michael Engelsen
Systems Administrator

“We are seeing 50% time savings when we install complicated software, like Adobe’s Creative Suite, now that we use FileWave.”

Martin Werren
Head of Publishing & Content

“Our agency is rapidly growing and adding more services every month. With FileWave, we are able to manage 300+ Mac and Windows devices with ease.”

Thomas Verge Nielsen
Head of IT

Request free access to FileWave

We offer a free 30-day trial with unlimited access to all features. Our Sales Engineers will guide you through the onboarding process and answer any of your questions.

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