Go beyond traditional software packaging

FileWave’s Fileset technology represents a unique and powerful method in the delivery of software to end users. As the name implies, Filesets are a collection of files. You might find other solutions refer to them as packages.  


Discover more flexibility in your deployments


Maximum efficiency

Maintain software at the file level, even after it has been distributed to the device, without the need to uninstall and create a new installer package. 

Reduced data load

Only deploy the actual updated files instead of a whole package and greatly reduce the required bandwidth of your installation. 

No downtime

Filesets can be installed, updated or uninstalled silently. The end user does not experience any interruption of their work.   

the power of fileset technology

Take granular control of your deployments

Deploy the undeployable

Bring any content to your devices with Filesets: just install and configure the software you wish to deploy, create a Fileset and upload it to your FileWave server – and it is ready for deployment.

A Fileset can be so much more than just an MSI or a PKG. You are able to deploy software at a file-level, without creating a package or uninstalling already installed content first.  

Reduce data load

The deployment and maintenance of modern software often requires a a lot of bandwidth due to installation packages often having multiple gigabytes. Especially in remote workplaces this can become a challenge.  

With Fileset Technology, you can limit deployment to the actual updated files to your devices, making it a delivery of megabytes instead.  

Save time (and nerves)

You just finished a deployment to several hundred devices and realize, that you forgot to update some registry entries? No problem. Just go into the Fileset and make the changes in there. No need to uninstall a package and create a new one – everyday admins know this will save them hours upon hours.  

Only the updated files will be re-deployed. The same applies to scripts, .plist files etc.  

Be efficient

Merge a newly created Fileset, such as an Update or a PlugIn, with an existing Fileset.  

In combination with a script, Filesets can be tailored to individual user groups, which is especially helpful in environments where each department or school grade has different requirements.  

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