Meet Matthieu Dazy, Senior React Developer at FileWave

Tell us… what is the best thing about working for FileWave?

I love the people at FileWave, the way the teams are organized, and how they work. What I enjoy most is that we are empowered to work the way we think is best for us. The feeling of freedom of choice – pick your own tools, processes, etc., is very liberating and inspiring. You can really feel the trust that our superiors have in us as professionals, and also, the sense of community and team spirit that we cultivate – it’s the product, it’s the code, our team, our company, and that is different from the companies I’ve worked in before. Every member of my team at FileWave works hard and strives to create the best possible performance, but there is not too much individualism here – we all work together, as a team, for a successful common goal and are committed to it as a result. That mindset that we cultivate at FileWave, in which we are all free and equal to express our opinions, concerns, ideas, and suggestions, in which everyone’s point of view is equally respected – is positive and encouraging. In the year that I have been here, I can proudly say that every day I have learned something from someone on the team.

Tell us… about that time you faced a challenge and how you dealt with it.

A few months ago, we did a perfect sprint – we delivered everything we wanted and intended and everything was running smoothly until we messed up the presentation. More precisely, no one from the team (for some reason) prepared for the presentation of their tasks at the Sprint Review. Our Scrum Master is someone who gives 200% of herself in work and is someone you don’t want to disappoint, precisely because she never disappoints with her approach to work and commitment to the team. And that’s exactly how we felt, how each of us contributed to that feeling that we let her down as a team, and we talked about it the next day at the Retrospective. The team showed exceptional maturity here, we all accepted our share of responsibility for the mistake made and there was no blaming, looking for excuses, or pointing fingers… we agreed that we made a mistake collectively, as a team, and analyzed what we could have done to prevent it in the future. That unpleasant experience was very challenging for us as a team, but we learned a valuable lesson and it strengthened the team’s coherence and dedication.

Tell us… about that time you made a success as a team.

This may sound like a corny answer, but I’m really proud of everything our team is doing and I think we’re achieving success every week. We are well-integrated as a team, and we understand and respect each other’s work, so for example, there is no stereotypical tension between developers and QA (laughs).

Tell us… a little about yourself. Who is Matthieu outside of work?

When I’m not working, I’m a husband and father of two daughters. Most of my spare time is spent with my family, friends, and practicing Aikido. I started Aikido 20 years ago after practicing Kung Fu in my youth. It was a stress-reliever for me. I took a break from martial arts, but later rekindled my interest in Aikido. I’ve been practicing it for 20 years and teaching for 10 years.

I’ve formed a close-knit group of around a dozen students with a friend. We teach Aikido to kids and adults in a nearby town. I also attend seminars across France, meeting friends I’ve made over the years. The photo I shared is from a large seminar I attended with friends. I find Aikido’s philosophy applies to both personal and work life – finding freedom within constraints.

Tell us… if you have any advice or something to share with other professionals in this field. What would you tell them?

To fellow professionals, I suggest two essential principles. First, keep learning consistently. Our field evolves, so stay open to new knowledge to remain relevant. It’s not about being an expert in everything but understanding various aspects for better collaboration and innovation.

Second, don’t fear failure. It’s not about incompetence but about pushing boundaries. Just as my Aikido journey involved challenges for growth, intentionally facing coding setbacks builds resilience and troubleshooting skills.

Failure also gauges a healthy work environment. A workplace that accepts failure encourages progress. If yours doesn’t, consider seeking a place that aligns with your growth mindset.

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