Multi-platform endpoint protection

FileWave offers comprehensive protection for multi-platform environments. Safeguard your organization’s data on Apple, Windows, Chrome, Android.

Benefits of using FileWave for security

Device protection

Safeguard all endpoints within your network, including Mac, Windows, and Chrome devices, through features like device encryption and remote wipe.

Application control

Manage and control which applications are allowed to run on your network with Self-service Kiosk, minimizing the risk of unauthorized software installations.

Automated updates

Ensure your network stays secure by simplifying the process of applying patches and updates, complete with scheduling and detailed reporting.

Security policy compliance

Guarantee the consistent enforcement of security policies across all devices, enhancing compliance and simplifying auditing.

Remote control

Manage, troubleshoot, and update devices remotely, reducing the need for on-site interventions and enhancing overall security.

Encrypted content delivery

Ensure that all content distributed across your network, whether data or updates, remains secure during transmission and storage.

customer success stories

7,000+ teams stay secure and productive with FileWave

“FileWave saves us more than 50% of time by allowing us to make changes at the file level – modify, test and deploy. And we got started quickly too, after a two-day training, we already onboarded the team.”

Martin Werren
Head of Content Management

“Without FileWave, I would need four to six more computer techs. The cost of a person in a building versus what FileWave costs is significantly different.”

Deana Elder
Technology Support Coordinator

“One of the biggest features our system enjoys is the multi-platform support. FileWave gives us the peace of mind knowing their systems will support any of our user’s devices.”

Michael Giardina
IT & Services Coordinator

Request free access to FileWave

We offer a free 30-day trial with unlimited access to all features. Our Sales Engineers will guide you through the onboarding process and answer any of your questions.

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