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Multi-Platform Endpoint Management
Video Header: Testimonial: Mooresville GSD
Video Description: Mooresville GSD’s 1:1 student technology initiative covers over 6,000 MacBooks managed by FileWave’s suite. Learn how endpoint management empowered student’s preparation for succeeding in a modern learning environment.
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IT departments can’t predict every application their users will need, and loading all applications on every user’s device isn’t cost-effective, feasible, or advised. Not to mention, IT is busy and can’t always be reached in time for on-demand deployments. Fortunately, with FileWave, you can simply make optional applications, documents, and other resources available to end users via our customizable self-service kiosk.

User-Driven Efficiency

FileWave’s self-service kiosk empowers end users, while removing the burden from IT, ensuring everyone is more productive.

Best of all, installing or uninstalling pre-approved content doesn’t require end users to have admin rights, so passwords, and devices, remain secure.