Will Remote Work Device Usage Continue to Grow?

Do you manage mobile devices or do they run your business? Last year, remote work devices became essential tools for enterprise success. But even without the threat of COVID-19, this technology is poised for growth in 2021. Why?

Are you in charge of your mobile devices? Or are they running your business instead? It may sound like a silly question at first, but today’s remote work-centric enterprise environment has changed a lot in such a short amount of time.

All over the world, millions of employees schedule their workday around the apps and notifications their mobile device delivers. And thanks to a constant stream of meeting alerts, email accessibility, and instant messaging capabilities, remote work has never been more popular.

More and more frequently, our personal and professional lives are being intertwined. And the use of mobile devices is playing a major role in this evolution. Last year, the combination of remote work and mobile technology delivered a new generation of digital experiences.

Traditional, in-office workflows are giving way to distributed teams and hybrid workers. The path to a mobile-first workplace has been in the works for a while – and a global pandemic has only accelerated this movement.

But will remote work device usage continue to rise in 2021?

The Rise of Remote Work Devices

As the world adapted to the harsh reality of COVID-19, remote work devices made work life and personal life indistinguishable at times. Global workforces found new ways to connect, collaborate, and take their productivity to another level. Even if success seemed improbable at best through most of 2020.

Overnight, mobile devices helped companies stand up their cloud-driven apps to deliver business-critical information and solve traditional challenges. They gave organizations a universal platform to communicate all policies, notices, and verified information across an entire workforce.

Mobile devices unlocked more than simple user connectivity. These productivity-enhancing tools gave businesses the ability to reinforce their employee communities through support services delivery.

From there, the rise of remote work devices led to new processes and procedures focused on a safe return to work. Digital health checks, meeting room reservations, virtual scheduling, and contact tracing just to name a few. But the benefits – and the rising usage – aren’t likely to stop there.

The Future of Work

Even after a vaccine is widely distributed and business gets back to “normal,” remote work devices won’t be going anywhere. In fact, mobile apps will only grow more important than they currently are. Because they’re the key to establishing the flexible employee experiences today’s workers have come to expect.

Plus, mobile technology is the best way to connect your employees and your customers too. Remote work devices like smartphones, tablets, and wearables give you the opportunity to reimagine your user experience in a way that makes every interaction feel more effortless and accessible.

Because you’ve spent the last year building the foundation for remote workflows, a mobile device equipped with apps refines your digital experience for future performance. Your infrastructure can be easily enhanced, new features can be added and integrated to improve productivity, and coworkers can be brought together instantly and virtually to inspire more collaboration.

Delivering a Unified Experience

As time passes and we move further and further into 2021, the concept of work will become less about a physical location. Instead of a place, remote work device usage will make people think of work as a culture-driving experience that’s grown through the strategic use of technology.

Business apps have the potential to create deeper levels of engagement – regardless of where, when, or on which device an interaction takes place. And thanks to remote work, you’ll be able to offer features that make these experiences feel extremely personal.

In our increasingly mobile world of work, lines are blurring. And remote device usage is sure to increase because the tools your employees use to do their jobs are the same ones they use in their personal lives. People have less time to accomplish more, so it makes sense that a tool offering flexibility will add resilience to your future business initiatives.

Going forward, data feedback is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. And remote work devices that capture these critical insights at every opportunity are the best way to ensure success. Mobile technology that enables rapid app adoption, updates, and deployment can inspire an all-new way to work. At the very least, an increasing reliance on remote work device usage means a dynamic, scalable employee experience.

There’s no more powerful trend in business than the mobile workplace – whether your employees ever return to the office or not. Remote work device usage will continue to skyrocket because your future success demands digitally native, seamless, and adaptable solutions.

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