Why Will Online Learning Become the IT Norm?

Online learning wasn’t the preferred education method for most IT teams until COVID-19 came. See why this tech-driven education model is here to stay as the industry’s new training norm.

While online learning isn’t a new idea for any IT team, today’s approach may very well be.

Since the early ‘90s when internet access became widely available, businesses everywhere have made technology an integral part of their employee training initiatives. And increasingly, online learning is used as a core process to increase knowledge and facilitate organization-wide learning.

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic happened, and remote education platforms became must-have solutions for any maturing IT department.

Today, enterprises are experiencing a transformational shift in academic structures. Even the most reputable universities, institutions, and schools can’t deny the profound impact an effective e-learning platform has on a student. Because these learn-from-anywhere solutions can offer a variety of courses, pre-recorded lessons, and live virtual training sessions to satisfy learner demands and offer a more modernized, effective educational approach.

The migration to online learning has been swift – enterprise IT is adopting this revolutionary learning model at an unprecedented rate. As more and more industry experts embrace this tech-fueled educational experience both inside and outside of work, you can expect remote learning to become the new norm in IT.

So, why is this trend here to stay forever?

The Evolution of Online Learning

When we mention online learning, it’s a vastly different experience from the corporate university your employer offered years ago. Thankfully, today’s e-learning looks much different.

Online learning doesn’t require your team to use clunky and expensive tech that requires tens of thousands of dollars to maintain every year. It’s not a virtual database filled with tedious online courses and recorded PowerPoint presentations. And – best of all – it’s not a learning experience that you and your team should ever feel forced into.

Those early days of online learning are long gone. Online learning has gained permanent traction across IT departments everywhere. The organizations that have created a robust, convenient, and engaging employee training program are reaping the rewards.

The modern digital-driven learning platform is affordable (or, in some cases, free) to use. After all, Google and YouTube are the two most heavily searched websites, and we’re willing to bet you’ve used them to answer a question or learn something new lately. By bringing employee education online, you give everyone instantly accessible resources whenever knowledge needs to be shared – and shared fast.

Benefits of Online Learning for IT

There are many substantial benefits for your IT team once online learning is implemented. Whether you’re new to technology, want to upgrade your skills, or work toward your next promotion, a digital training solution has something to offer everyone.

Here are a few advantages that prove why online learning will become the IT norm (if it hasn’t already where you work):

  • Online learning gives you the freedom to learn anything from anywhere at any time. Now, your education isn’t limited by boundaries, time constraints, or language barriers. That training session or new certification doesn’t require a long commute or relocation anymore.
  • The internet gives you more access to information than ever before. And that means new databases, knowledge repositories, and online learning libraries are at your fingertips waiting to give you the insight you desperately need.
  • The flexibility and convenience of e-learning usually creates more effective educational experiences than traditional employee training methods. Because the focus of digital-driven learning is maximizing every user’s experience, your IT pros are given the tools to learn at their own pace rather than forcing them to do so when they’re likely not receptive to new info.
  • Lower financial burdens are also a huge advantage for online learning platforms. Through affordable course fees based on user consumption, your business is only paying for what it actually uses. There’s no costs for transporting IT to a classroom location, purchasing books, or providing stationery to every learner.

The Next Generation of IT

Another reason that online learning is becoming the IT education norm is because that’s what the next generation of industry professionals prefer. Millennials rely on e-learning more than any other education format to grow their knowledge and skills – and this growth will only continue to grow going forward.

Don’t believe us? Consider these stats, courtesy of EdTech Magazine:

  • 65% of current students have taken an online class at some point
  • Over the last decade, there has been a 150% increase in the number of students who select online courses as part of their college curriculum
  • Today, 71% of students believe that online learning provides more flexibility to take the classes and learn the skills they desire most

There are a million other stats we could cite, but I think you get the point we’re trying to make. Online learning is here to stay because simplicity and speed is our expectation in everything we do. And a cheaper, easier, and more convenient educational experience is certainly to exception.

As e-learning continues to evolve and become the IT training norm, initiatives such as micro-learning and mobile learning will deliver revolutionary business benefits for everyone involved. And we’re already positioned to help you take advantage of these trends.

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