Why is UEM Essential for Future Business?

Just because you can use different solutions to manage different device types doesn’t mean you should. See why Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is essential for protecting the future of your business.

Think about how many endpoints and devices you manage every day.  Your business uses desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and a variety of virtual solutions like cloud. And this number will only continue to grow going forward.

Now, think about what different devices need from IT. Do you use standard support, or does a one-size-fits-all approach leave the security of some endpoints lacking? Do you have one solution to effectively manage every device? In a worst-case scenario, how quickly can your tech team move to protect data, devices, and people?

All of these questions are important for the future of your business. And your answers are probably different from somebody else. But maybe that shouldn’t be the case. Because Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) gives you the ability to confidently answer these questions – today and tomorrow. In a constantly evolving enterprise technology environment, UEM plays an increasingly important role in securing your future.

If executed well, here are five UEM benefits that can help you protect the future of your business:

UEM Benefit #1: Better IT Security

As an IT professional, your day is already too busy. So, a different security protocol for every device your business uses isn’t feasible. UEM’s primary advantage is that it gives you the tools to manage security across your entire endpoint ecosystem with one product.

Through UEM, you control every device you’re responsible for supporting from the same interface. That means your IT administrators can implement a universal set of processes to protect every person, device, and piece of data. Instead of operating by different rules for different technologies. As you can imagine, UEM gives your future a major advantage by ensuring devices are always compliant.

And for your employees, UEM means better security that doesn’t impact their workday – regardless of which device(s) they choose to use. Their tasks are carried out safely whether they’re using company-issued devices or personal endpoints. Giving everybody the flexibility and convenience your future work requires.

UEM Benefit #2: Simple Endpoint Management

Endpoint management isn’t easy. For most businesses, managing multiple operating systems, device types, configurations, and security profiles is impossible. At the very least, it’s a complex, time-consuming job that keeps you from working on more strategic tasks. And that’s not good for the future of your organization.

UEM helps you simplify endpoint management and avoid potential risks by enforcing one security policy across every device. You no longer waste time or need to keep track of which standards apply to which devices, users, etc. Consistency creates efficiency across your IT team, reducing the burden of maintenance and manual updates – if not eliminating them entirely.

UEM Benefit #3: Comprehensive Threat Control

Now more than ever, cybersecurity threats cause serious problems. Your IT infrastructure stores more sensitive company info than ever, and one potential breach can cost your business millions of dollars and a permanent loss of consumer trust. So, it’s essential you’re always monitoring your devices for the first sign of trouble.

Today, most UEM tools feature advanced threat monitoring capabilities to help you protect every endpoint in your inventory. UEM scans and analyzes every element of your IT infrastructure in seconds. And that means unknown malware, viruses, or security vulnerabilities won’t derail your IT initiatives or impact your enterprise’s future.

Beyond the ability to detect threats, UEM also can help you resolve issues by automatically applying fixes wherever possible. This fast, proactive approach minimizes the damage a serious threat causes because it detects problems as they occur. Or, in some cases, before an attack has the chance to take advantage of your security gaps.

UEM Benefit #4: Accessibility

Device management and making IT security easier is a big deal. But UEM delivers advantages to your end users, too.

With a higher standard of endpoint security in place, any employee is able to use their device and operating system of choice. And – regardless of which technologies they choose – you maintain control while they receive the speedy, convenient access to data that makes them more productive and agile than ever.

For teams that work in different locations, UEM provides a new level of consistency and confidence in your IT department going forward. Using UEM, you’re able to apply corporate network protocols to every device – ensuring every authorized user and endpoint safely accesses your sensitive data.

Plus, if someone encounters any problems, you can fix their device from anywhere. You can install updates and patches even while an endpoint is being used – giving your employees the independence and IT support only tomorrow’s most successful companies can provide.

UEM Benefit #5: Visibility

For any IT admin, UEM delivers an enterprise-wide technology platform to manage every device. It encrypts every corporate data point, preventing unauthorized network access and largescale cyberattacks.

After putting UEM in place, you can accurately track inventory, usage, and device-specific details from one place. Your technology becomes visible at the granular level, meaning you’ll create more opportunities to identify inefficiencies and optimize future processes. In many cases, this ability is the difference between success and failure going forward.

Any organization benefits by implementing UEM’s advanced security provisions. Your future needs greater IT controls, more efficient workflows, and streamlined user support – and UEM is your best opportunity to create these advantages.

Businesses everywhere are using UEM to manage their devices more effectively across global teams, making it a necessity as work grows more and more remote. If you want to make UEM a success where you work, take the first step and schedule your customized FileWave demo now.

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