What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the process of managing devices, but not all MDM solutions are created equal. Read on to find out more about choosing a MDM solution.

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is just as it sounds: the administration of any kind of mobile device such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets. At the core, MDM is about helping to make devices more secure and users more productive. 

And let’s not forget IT! MDM makes it possible to remotely see and manage devices, ensuring they have the right apps, updates, or security configurations. And it does so at scale, allowing IT admins to oversee large groups of devices.

MDM Features

MDM is a two-part solution, one which lives on the device and one which is made up of the backend infrastructure that IT admins use to manage the device, including the ability to remotely:

  • Add or remove apps without intervention from the user
  • Push updates or patches (OS & apps)
  • Manage configurations such as printers, security standards, or just getting an app ready for the end user
  • Allow for segregation of personal and corporate (key for BYOD devices)
  • Manage software licenses
  • Troubleshoot device or app performance issues
  • Track devices by location, ownership, or activity
  • Automate tasks such as pushing apps to groups of devices or setting up multi-step processes such as WiFi settings
  • Support security policies (blacklisting apps, enforcing passwords, requiring VPN, etc)

MDM sounds like it can do everything, including brew you a cup of coffee and make your dinner, but the reality is that MDM falls short for most organizations for one reason: there are often several MDM solutions at play. And not all of them do the same things or in the same ways.

All-In-One MDM Solution

Here’s the deal. Maybe you just had PCs. Then maybe your employees started bringing in their iPhones. Then maybe you got some Android tablets. Today you could be dealing with 3 or more different MDM solutions, making these “all in one” solutions less “all in one” than you envisioned. Worse, you could even have whole IT teams dedicated to different solutions (the Mac vs PC divide ).

It’s time to simplify.

You only need one MDM. One that lets you see, manage, and report on all the devices you’re managing. With a few extra features (hello self-healing) thrown in to make your life easier.

Make MDM Simple. See the FileWave Difference.

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