How Does Mobile Device Management Help IT?

Read on to learn how three key pillars of mobile device management (MDM) (unification, automation, and control) help IT team performance.

We’ve defined what Mobile Device Management (MDM) is and what it does. But how does adding this software solution support your organization’s bottom line?

Implementing an MDM is like adding to your IT team – with reduced overhead. Your IT Admins don’t have time for the daily grind of device management or the frustration of making decisions with data refreshed only once a day. The right MDM replaces tedious manual processes with automation and supplements policy with solid security controls.

Key Aspects of MDM Software

MDM is all about simplification. Ideally, your MDM will provide you with:

  1. One unified framework to view, organize, track, and maintain all devices (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chromebook) in real-time. That’s a lot of power packed into one solution, so make sure it has all the features you need. MDM software should also be flexible, scalable, and easy to use.
  2. Automations for each stage of the device lifecycle, including onboarding, software distribution, and ongoing maintenance tasks (patching, support, end-of-life). A new graphic designer in Atlanta should be able to unbox a device at home and have all the software, VPP licenses, and configurations needed to connect to the local network. Don’t sell yourself short on all the work your MDM can do for you.
  3. Automated controls, providing back-up for your security policies (password enforcement, VPN, blacklisting, self-healing applications) and alerts for suspicious activity.

How MDM Solutions Benefit IT Teams

What all these technical benefits translate into are increased time and work capacity for your IT professionals. Remote management solutions mean they can control, patch, and support computers, tablets, and cell phones from a central location, keeping end users empowered and productive with less time required from IT. That increased time translates into big lifts in performance as teams can devote more time and effort to larger projects outside of device management.

MDM also provides peace of mind by keeping teams agile and secure. You can’t count on user-driven updates and installations in response to security issues or patch vulnerabilities. A responsive IT team using the right MDM solution is empowered to stay ahead of the latest issues, to keep your workers safe and secure.

All of this saves you time and helps you sleep at night. Is your IT team overextended? It’s time to give a better MDM a try.

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