Upgrade to FileWave v15.2.0 Now Available

We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated release of Version 15.2.0, marking a significant leap forward in the world of IT management and software deployment. At FileWave, we are dedicated to empowering organizations with cutting-edge solutions, and this release is no exception.

Packed with powerful features, enhanced performance, and a user-friendly interface, the new version represents a culmination of meticulous development and valuable user feedback.

Key Version 15.2.0 Improvements

Our goal in the 15.2.0 release is to deliver Apple enhancements for iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and tvOS 17, together with macOS Sonoma 14. We also introduced properties for Windows MSI installers.

With the end of life of CentOS in summer 2024, FileWave 15.2.0 is available on CentOS 7.9 and Debian 12.2 for a smooth transition from CentOS to Debian. No action is needed on your part now but look for information on migrations from us in the new year.

Windows Related Changes

  • Improved MSI Installer Options
    • You can now set Windows Installer properties for installation and uninstallation in MSI Filesets so that you no longer need to create a script to customize the installation. Existing MSI Filesets will continue to work.
    • Additionally, the default script type in FileWave Central is now PowerShell instead of Python.

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Apple Related Changes

  • What’s New with Profiles?

    Managed Domains: Control Cross-Site Tracking with New URL Configuration.

    Dock: You can now easily set your favorite items to stay put, adjust features like Auto-Hide or Show-Indicator, and explore the new Dock Fixup Override’ option.

    Security & Privacy: Introducing the New ‘App Data’ System Policy for Managing App Access to Other App Data (TCC).

    Network Relays: You can now set up Network Relays using matching profiles.

    Extensible SSO: Extended with Platform SSO options.

    New Network Profile settings: TLS Trusted Certificates, AD/OD Credentials, and HESSID Configuration.

    VPN Profile

    Dock: DNS: Extend DNS options with encryption options.

    Support for Transparent Proxy: Cisco AnyConnect, Cisco AnyConnect Legacy, Juniper SSL, F5 SSL, SonicWALL Mobile Connect, Aruba VIA.

    Introducing New Options to Exclude Cellular Services or APNS.

  • FileVault 2 on Enrollment: Secure!
    • Great news! Now, you have the option to enforce Full Disk Encryption (FileVault 2) during enrollment, making it even easier to enhance your organization’s security.

  • WiFi Profiles for Return to Service 
    • You can fine-tune your network settings with personalized WiFi profiles, ensuring a seamless Return To Service experience.
  • Securing Shared IPADS
    • Now, you can easily increase security for Shared iPads by customizing passcode policies and setting the Auto Lock time. These changes are made simple through the Command Policy profile.

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Android Related changes

Third-Party Components Upgraded

Most relevant, but not only:

  • OpenSSL 3.0.12
  • Apache 2.4.58
  • Postgres 12.16
  • Python 3.10.13
  • Qt 5.15.15
  • ZLib 1.3

We’ve also made important bug fixes and security enhancements. For a complete list of updates and changes, please view the release notes on the FileWave Version 15.2.0 Downloads Page or upgrade to 15.2.0 now.

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