Version 14.9.1 Release

FileWave’s latest release continues our record of excellence in multi-platform endpoint management. In the Version 14.8 release back in July, we focused on many of the underlying technologies in the FileWave technology stack. Version 14.9 .1 has a wide scope of changes across the product in order to continue delivering the functionality needed to help IT admins manage devices easily and efficiently.

Key Version 14.9 .1 Improvements

To say that FileWave 14.9 .1 covers a lot of ground would be an understatement. You will want to take a look at the release notes to see the specifics, but here are some of the major highlights.

Apple Fall Release Support

  • Support for all of the new profile changes in Ventura and 16.1, including Inventory Field and Payload (a.k.a Fileset) updates

Associations → Deployment Conversion Tool

  • The FileWave Webadmin introduces a new Associations to Deployment conversion tool that will make upgrading to Deployments much simpler in future
  • The FileWave Webadmin is now known as FileWave Anywhere (more about that to come)

Grafana Update

  • Grafana is included in FileWave to allow you to create stunning web based dashboards
  • Version 14.9 .1 includes an upgrade to Grafana and Prometheus that brings security and feature updates

Multilingual Support

  • Version 14.9 .1 now provides translation support for the product in German
  • Other languages currently supported are French, English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Read our Release Notes for more detailed information and upgrade to Version 14.9 .1 today!

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