Version 14.8 Release

FileWave’s latest release continues our record of excellence in multi-platform endpoint management. Version 14.8 focuses on many of the underlying technologies in the FileWave technology stack in order to continue delivering the functionality needed to help IT admins manage devices easily and efficiently.

Key Version 14.8 Improvements

FileWave 14.8 is comprised of a lot of “under the hood” work for the FileWave engine. These are largely not the elements that you’ll see and hear directly, but rather updates to the underlying suspension that bring subtle improvements to overall performance and stability – and there are some new elements too!

Web Console Update

  • Includes both browser session and user-based preferences for view behavior (sorting, filtering, column order, etc.)

macOS FileWave Client

  • Native support for the Apple Silicon processor – Rosetta2 is no longer required
  • Booster, Admin and Server are coming soon

Replacement of Observe Client Functionality in Version 14.8

  • Observe Client functionality has been replaced by the TeamViewer integration

Windows MDM

  • New device wipe commands for Windows MDM enrolled devices

Visit our Knowledge Base for more detailed information about the release or directly upgrade to Version 14.8.

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