Version 14.7 Release

FileWave 14.7 displays Apple VPP protocol improvements and implementation, enhancements for Apple, Windows and Chrome management, improvements for deployment and remote control, new commands to reboot devices and much more.

FileWave’s latest release continues our record of excellence in multi-platform endpoint management. Featuring key updates in the web console, Windows Software update improvements and Google changes, FileWave 14.7 delivers the functionality needed to help IT admins like you manage devices easily and efficiently.

Key 14.7 Benefits

Software Update Improvements

  • Client Info reports Software Update information
  • Windows Software update improvements:
    • devices now report “on-line” updates
    • more information (category, support URL, KB article number…) is reported
    • devices are reporting installed updates, even if they haven’t been installed via FileWave
  • FileWave is now reading information from Apple Software Lookup Service (GDMF).

Web Console

  • Improvements for Deployments: added the possibility to add to deployments from device list
  • FileWave policies can be managed in Web Console
  • Packages (MSI, PKG) files can be dragged from explorer / finder and dropped onto Payload list


  • Improved internal code related to object identifiers to avoid possible identifiers exhaustion for large installations

Remote Control

  • Unattended access is now possible for macOS and Windows devices


VPP Protocol Improvement

  • When using new VPP protocol, it is now possible to enable notifications-based process; Apple VPP service will then notify FileWave server on changes (new licenses, license assignment…)
  • When notifications are enabled, commands to install Applications are sent as soon as Apple notifies the license has been assigned instead of waiting some time
  • Changed internals to benefit from the new VPP protocol ability to send more license assignments within a single request

macOS Management

  • Add Erase All Content and Settings restriction, Remote Wipe Dialog allows configuring behavior when EACS fails.
  • Add the ability to manage (set, verify) Recovery Lock on M1 Macs (same as Firmware password on Intel).
  • Recovery Lock can be managed using Command Policy Profile and via Inventory


  • Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 are now properly reported
  • Different version (“Codenames”) of Windows 10 and 11 are now reported
  • Add the ability to reboot devices


  • Google enterprise setup is now available in Web Console Sources
  • Google policies can be managed in Web Console

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