The Value of Integrating FileWave with Your Service Desk

Learn how integrating FileWave’s multi-platform endpoint management solution with your service desk can improve the IT support experience for agents and end users.

At FileWave, we’re committed to making your work less time-consuming and more effective through our thoughtfully designed tools. We know that endpoint management often goes hand in hand with your service desk. Completing tickets and communicating via lengthy email threads can sap worker productivity on both side of the IT relationship. Integrating FileWave’s multi-platform endpoint management solution with your service desk means you can automatically gather all available device data and include it in support tickets to help streamline and optimize workflows.

Multi-platform endpoint management is essential for today’s workforce. Capturing asset data and integrating it with service requests saves time for all parties involved and keeps employees productive and focused on their work, rather than on extensive troubleshooting and information gathering. Readily available endpoint data such as OS, storage, and RAM can help improve resolution times and satisfaction for users and agents alike.

Our newly available integration with InvGate Service Desk can help keep your IT Support fast and effective.

What is InvGate Service Desk?

InvGate is a leading supplier of Service Desk software solutions. Featuring on-premise and SaaS options, InvGate’s service desk capabilities include the core functionality that you would expect from from a fit-for-purpose IT help desk or service desk tool.

Ready to learn more about this available integration? Visit InvGate’s guide to get started today.

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