The Business Advantages of Self-Service Tech

Whether you need a ride, a new place to live, or just need to make sure your last paycheck made its way into your account, self-service tech is all the rage. See why its business advantages have made self-service technology more popular than ever.

Thanks to self-service tech, today’s companies have more chances than ever to convince customers to buy. Don’t believe us? Think about it: whether you need an Uber, a new place to live, or just need to make sure that last paycheck made its way into your account, online transactions have never been easier or more popular. And self-service is the reason why.

After all, this innovation makes interacting with and buying from your company easy. Hassle-free. And convenient. Which is why so many organizations are hopping on the self-service trend and taking advantage of this modern enterprise technology.

Whether you’re enabling remote technologies for a B2B or B2C organization, there’s one simple truth you have to face: your buyers have been spoiled by the Era of Instant Gratification. Today’s consumers want to interact with your business through mobile devices, act independently, and complete a transaction without any human interaction. And they expect immediate results, too.

Today’s unprecedented need for enterprise speed is seeping into business strategies across pretty much every industry. And – while self-service is still a relatively new trend – it’s already changing how many companies conduct their business. Even in B2B, where workflows have historically been complex and time-consuming to complete.

Modern business prioritizes highly convenient ways to interact and collaborate. And self-service tech is a competitive advantage that makes this dream a reality.

The Age of Self-Service

It’s 2021 – and enterprise tech has enabled everything to move fast. If you’re an IT expert responsible for managing technology and making business improvements, today’s environment can be tough to keep up with. Which is why self-service tech is no longer optional; it’s a requirement.

Think back to what your workday looked like a few years ago. Anytime an online shopper asked a question, requested more information, or wanted to complete a purchase, it was your job to respond and manually move them onto next steps. Now, self-service tech takes these reigns to deliver the interaction and instant results they desire. Assuming you’re digitally savvy enough to make these solutions work, of course.

And that’s a big deal. Because nobody’s list of responsibilities has shrunk during that time. As an IT professional, you’re tasked with managing more devices than ever. You’ve probably got a thousand more important things to do every day than help users navigate your website.

Beyond the time-savings and convenience self-service delivers, here are three business advantages you can expect from this tech:

B2B Success; B2C Convenience

Over the last few years, the overwhelming success of digital companies like DoorDash and Uber are testament to how impactful self-service tech can be. By being able to deliver goods and services more quickly and conveniently than their traditional competitors, both companies have seen unbelievable growth.

If implemented properly, self-service can give you the ability to satisfy modern customer demands. You’ll be able to deliver the rapid, painless, and satisfying shopping experience they increasingly demand. And your business will have the opportunity to collect valuable data feedback to give the organization a deeper level of understanding than ever regarding what motivates your buyers to act.

Collaboration and Acceleration

Self-service technology also gives your business a heightened level of collaboration. And more of it, too. Across your entire workforce, there’s probably a large number of employees that work every day in silos independent of what everybody else is doing. Self-service helps you bridge these gaps to work together on mission-critical tasks – meaning your overall progress moves faster because people can work at whatever pace is most comfortable to them.

Nobody relies on somebody else to stay on track, meaning everyone stays focused on the important initiatives that move the company forward. And, through pre-structured, standardized agreements, you can bring an entire workforce together. Or, establish the potential to automate your important business processes moving forward.

Secure Digital Experiences

Everyone wants more security. Especially where their digital experiences are concerned. But without self-service tech in place, it can be difficult to fulfill this promise. Considering today’s IT teams need to manage thousands of devices, systems, and daily customer experiences simultaneously, any security initiative that doesn’t include self-service is likely to fail.

The digital experience has become a primary differentiator for most businesses out there. Self-service isn’t simply a technology that makes your life as an IT expert easier – it’s an innovation that gives every employee the ability to eliminate at least one time-consuming, labor-intensive task they dread to deal with every day.

Is Self-Service the Right Choice?

Whether you’re already sold on the benefits of self-service tech or still need more convincing, there’s still one all-important question that probably comes to mind: “Is self-service the right choice for your organization?”

While every enterprise tech environment works differently, we’re confident we have the expertise and tools to make your self-service initiative a success. Schedule your FileWave platform tour now to see how we can help.

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