Introducing FileWave Version 14

FileWave Version 14 is our most significant release ever. Featuring two entirely new feature solutions, improvements to our core product, and support for Apple’s Fall releases, FileWave v14 gives busy IT leaders like you the tools and insights you need to manage your device environment quickly and effectively.

Key Updates in FileWave Version 14

Customizable Dashboard

FileWave Version 14 includes a new, customizable web dashboard to give you the information at a glance that you need to make decisions as an IT leader. Whether you’re monitoring the health of your FileWave server, tracking the status of mass deployments, or surveying other high-level data points, our dashboard removes manual reporting processes and helps visualize your essential information. By reducing your analysis process, you and your team get more time to focus on high-impact IT work.

Open Beta Web Admin

Our Open Beta Web Admin offers an alternative tool to help keep your IT Support Staff nimble in the field. With full management capabilities for iOS devices and data analysis and reporting functions for your full device environment, your team can quickly and easily access essential device information in the field to identify, troubleshoot, and solve malfunctioning device issues. FileWave’s web admin is committed to extending management support for new platforms quickly, to help you manage your blended device environment quickly and easily.

New FileWave Native Admin Console Features

FileWave’s native client enjoys a host of updates, improvements, and new functions with Version 14. The ability to utilize our powerful custom fields and inventory queries have always been popular for easy sorting and tracking of devices. Now, admins can easily create smart groups based on inventory queries for additional monitoring and management, or even filter devices within a query to carefully target specific issues.

Other new features, such as Fileset Revisions, empower you to quickly and easily update new software versions without completing time-consuming manual rebuilds. This also allows you to easily track changes to Filesets and manage those revisions for testing, production, and rollbacks. Our Version 14 Native Release continues our proud tradition of empowering IT leaders with efficient and effective management tools for all major device platforms.

FileWave Version 14 includes many more updates and improvements to our products. For a complete list of updates and changes, please view the release notes on the FileWave Version 14 Downloads Page.

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