How IT Asset Management Impacts Business Innovation

The IT Asset Management (ITAM) industry is on the verge of a new generation. Digital transformation and new technologies are driving these initiatives forward. See how ITAM will impact business innovation everywhere.

The IT Asset Management (ITAM) industry is on the verge of a new generation. Digital transformation and new technologies are driving these initiatives forward. See how ITAM will impact business innovation everywhere.

We all live in a digital world. And the reason technology is such a big part of our lives is its ability to deliver continuous innovation. Even if we take these accomplishments for granted most of the time.

Today, IT professionals have thousands of services and partners to choose from whenever they need help. New devices and functionalities are built every day. And the experts that stand out are the ones that take risks, try new things, and prioritize user experiences over everything else.

In IT Asset Management (ITAM), things aren’t any different when it comes to innovation. For many businesses, it can take weeks or months for whoever’s managing assets to deploy a new device or service to all of your employees. Time that fewer and fewer workers are willing to wait. Going forward, effective ITAM needs agility and efficiency to make a significant business impact.

The industry is on the verge of monumental change. We’re on the cusp of a new generation of innovation across the ITAM space driven by digital transformation.

The Next Generation of IT Asset Management

Technology is transforming everything you know about ITAM. We’re on the threshold of asset management’s next generation, where open platforms and massive performance increases are speeding up the pace of industry-wide innovation. And the consequences will impact enterprise technology environments everywhere.

For years, ITAM has been an afterthought to many businesses. IT teams have ignored investments into these solutions only to see their devices, services, and systems fail to deliver the ROI they expect. But that’s changing. Fast. Because digital transformation and innovation are top-of-mind for today’s ITAM professionals in 2021.

At its core, the next generation of ITAM will move away from technologies and systems that rely on long development/upgrade cycles. Instead, modernized architecture that enables more agile methodologies will replace legacy asset management workflows so that immediate changes impact business innovation at the operational level.

The cost of asset deployment and maintenance is spiraling out of control as employees, customers, and enterprise leaders increase their demands for new, tech-driven ways to work. A next-gen ITAM solution that delivers flexibility and savings is leading to a more efficient and meaningful asset management approach going forward.

Cloud Innovation

The level of cloud innovation taking place is key to the successful evolution of ITAM. By incorporating cloud-native technology into ITAM, your admins will play a pivotal role in growing the overall business. But that’s not the only benefit. Your IT department will also find new opportunities to lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for every asset in your inventory through infrastructure savings and faster responses.

ITAM with a Microservice Architecture

The way IT completes complex projects is also being radically transformed. More and more ITAM initiatives are adopting microservices architecture to build and deliver projects as a series of small, self-contained components. Each component has a specific purpose that works with others to fit into the end result.

ITAM is moving away from the rigid, time-consuming development and upgrade processes that often fail to deliver innovation or ROI. Thanks to a microservices approach, each component can be addressed or replaced as needed without requiring an entire project.

The Age of APIs

Another key technology driving ITAM forward is the adoption of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These digital transformation tools give IT pros and service providers a gateway from which to access mission-critical data and services – making external use and third-party access more visible and secure.

This tried and tested innovation has the potential to transform the way companies track and manage their IT assets. Open APIs will give asset managers a broader ecosystem of services and providers. And that means new products/features to give you greater opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

These changes – and surely many more – will transform ITAM forever. But, more importantly, enable ITAM to impact and influence business innovation like never before. IT departments will leave legacy workflows and rigid processes behind, allowing organizations to modernize their technology approach.

Before this happens, however, you need to rethink your asset management approach. While the primary goal of ITAM has always been decreasing costs and increasing efficiency, the focus is shifting toward creating competitive advantages and more innovative offerings.

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