How FileWave’s Professional Services Improve Your Tech ROI

Armed with industry best practices and knowledge of your specific needs, FileWave Professional Services provides ROI for projects large and small.

In every organization, small or large, the number of endpoints, device types, and operating systems continues to grow faster than the number of IT staff responsible for their management. There are plenty of management tools to help, but often these single-point solutions add another layer of complexity. Many customers turn to FileWave to reduce that complexity, adopting a single solution to manage all devices – and yet there are always periods where an extra set of hands would be useful.

Whether it’s optimizing your implementation and training, helping you manage your next large-scale deployment, or even assisting in day-to-day endpoint management, FileWave Professional Services provides expertise just right for your needs. Intimate with your deployment, and armed with industry best-practices, find out how our professional help can deliver a positive ROI for your organization.

\”The whole point of having a solution such as FileWave is to have it take care of your environment for you with as little effort as possible. Our professional services team can help you make that a reality.\” – Tony Keller, FileWave Customer Advocate & Director of Professional Services-Training

Optimize Your Asset Management

Replacing limited and complex point solutions with FileWave’s unified endpoint management is the first step in optimizing your asset management. How do you know if your server is optimized for the best performance of your hardware or if you have the most efficient workflows or scripts for your needs? This knowledge gap is best filled by FileWave’s professional services.

FileWave’s team of engineers are able to analyze your FileWave environment to provide specific feedback about hardware, configurations, Filesets, and workflows. The goal? To create a more streamlined, automated, and seamless experience that provides you the data you need at-a-glance and faster workflows for your deployments, patches, or reporting needs. Our assessment will also help you spot anomalies or areas of concern that impact the security or management of your IT environment.

Cost-Effective Expert Advice

Hiring more IT staff for cyclical work comes with a long-term fixed cost, plus training, vacation pay, health benefits, and the risk that staff members will leave – and take their knowledge with them. Fortunately, the FileWave Professional Services team offers a wide range of one-off or regular services to suit your needs. As experienced engineers, we bring best practices from other organizations and industry know-how to help you build, deploy, and service your endpoint devices in the most efficient way possible.

“One of the things we look for in strategic partners is innovation and growth. I depend on partners to do the research and development for me. That’s what FileWave has done – they are looking to the future.” – Homer Coffman, Chief Technology Officer for Baldwin County Public Schools

FileWave’s Professional Services include:

Implementations, Migrations & Training

Leverage best practices to get your implementation off on the right foot or leverage our expertise to optimize your new server hardware and configurations. Our training and experience take the complexity out of your new IT environment.

Health Check & Optimization

We’ll perform an in-depth review of your existing FileWave implementation, uncovering ways to refine your workflows, learn about underused features, or optimize your server performance.

Technical Assurance Program

Leverage a dedicated PS Engineer to be your remote expert to perform hands-on FileWave-related work, supplementing your staff with “inside” best practices and experience alongside the knowledge of your exact configurations and needs.

Custom API, Fileset, and Scripting

Let us help you build the custom solutions, scripts, or Filesets you need to get the most from your FileWave solution. Our professional services team brings years of experience to tame even the most complex of problems.

Boots on the Ground

Sometimes you need a literal helping hand. Perhaps you have a thousand iPads that need to be unboxed, attached to the network, and run through the setup process. We provide the just-in-time support you need for only as long as you need it.

Baldwin County Public Schools relies on the FileWave Technical Assurance Program to be a strategic partner in their IT initiatives, helping support over 43,000 Windows, Apple, and Chromebook devices across 60 locations. As the district continues to grow, Baldwin County relies on its FileWave engineer to bring solutions and ideas to the table and to vet their work so every script or deployment is flawless.

“When you work with an experienced FileWave engineer, you have a dedicated, experienced person who knows your unique environment. I don’t have enough hours in my day or enough staff to come up with solutions to common problems. With FileWave’s professional services, we’re able to get things done in a much more expedient fashion.” – Mike Giardina, IT Coordinator for Baldwin County Public Schools.

FileWave is proud to be the on-demand support our customers need to support projects large and small, proof scripts, offer best-practice advice, help with technology purchase decisions, or even customize FileWave to the look and feel of your organization. We are here to help you, so feel free to discuss your next upcoming project and what we can do to help.

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