FileWave Launches Version 14

The device management leader’s latest update features a customizable dashboard, open beta web admin tool, native admin refinements, and supports Apple’s fall release.

Indianapolis, IN – September 30, 2020 – FileWave, the device management solution for all major OS platforms, announces the launch of Version 14. The newest version enhances FileWave’s important data analysis functionality with a customizable dashboard, includes an open beta of its web admin tool, and supports Apple’s fall release. Version 14 continues FileWave’s reputation for delivering robust software solutions that make device management easier and more effective.

IT leaders require information on-demand to help guide their decision making now more than ever. FileWave’s newly created dashboard function empowers admin to monitor the health of their FileWave server, track the status of mass deployments, and survey other high-level data points. By removing manual reporting processes and helping visualize essential information, IT teams can spend more time focused on high-impact IT work.

“Version 14 is a step forward for FileWave – it delivers high-impact functionality to help businesses and schools of all sizes manage their devices effectively,” said Nurdan Eris, chairwoman of the board and CEO, FileWave. “Our product carries on our strong history of innovation for device management solutions.”

FileWave’s Open Beta Web Admin offers an alternative tool to keep IT Support Staff nimble in the field. With full management capabilities for iOS devices and data analysis reporting functions for full device environments, field technicians can quickly and easily access essential device information to identify, troubleshoot, and solve malfunctioning device issues.

The latest release includes significant feature updates and improvements to the FileWave native admin. The ability to utilize custom fields and inventory queries have always been popular for easy device sorting and monitoring. Now, admins can easily create smart groups based on inventory queries for additional management, or even filter devices within a query to carefully target specific issues. Other native improvements, such as Fileset Revisions, empower IT teams quickly and easily update new software versions without completing time-consuming manual rebuilds. FileWave’s Version 14 Native Release continues the proud tradition of empowering IT leaders with efficient and effective management tools for all major device platforms.

About FileWave

Founded in 1992, FileWave provides enterprise, education, and government institutions around the world with unified endpoint management software for the entire IT lifecycle. FileWave increases the productivity of overburdened IT departments by eliminating the “Silos” among single platform solutions, simplifying complex processes through an intuitive interface, and smart automation. This comprehensive solution supports both desktop and mobile devices across macOS, Windows, iOS/iPadOS, tvOS, Android, and ChromeOS. (Image, Deploy, Manage, Maintain & Engage)

FileWave is an international company with offices in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, Japan, The Philippines, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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