Benefits of the FileWave Certified Administrator Course

Designed to help you get the most from FileWave in the fastest time possible, learn about how the FileWave Certified Administrator (FCA) course helps position you for success.

From multiple point solutions to a single unified endpoint management platform, FileWave is all about simplification. We want to make every aspect of device lifecycle management easy for IT staff. The same goes for training, both self-directed and instructor-led. Let’s take a look at each of these options.

FileWave Foundry: Where Great FileWave Minds are Forged

Sure, you could read our detailed 250-page FileWave Administration Manual. But who has time for that? The FileWave Foundry was created by the FileWave team to provide access to all things FileWave for both training and certification.

The Foundry provides over 30 hours of instruction for the do-it-yourself learner, from introductory material (basic server install) and day-to-day best practices to expert advice for engineers. Materials are provided in article and video walk-through formats and are regularly being expanded.

All of this training material is available 24/7 from any device or location. The Foundry is the perfect stepping-stone for all new FileWave users, whether directly after onboarding or for new employees who are being ‘handed the keys’ to FileWave for the first time.

Want to speed up your training and walk away knowing your environment is the best it can be? That’s where the FileWave Certified Administrator (FCA) course comes in.

FileWave Certified Administrator Course: Optimize Your IT Environment with Hands-On Training

The FileWave Certified Administrator (FCA) course was designed to help System Administrators learn how to get the most from their FileWave environment in the fastest time possible. Since there’s nothing quite like hands-on experience and seasoned feedback when it comes to training, the FCA course features a team of certified FileWave Trainers who work with you remotely or in-person, onsite or at our training facility.

The FCA course is designed to help support the day-to-day tasks of a production endpoint environment, including:

  • Installing and configuring FileWave Server, Boosters, and Imaging Virtual Server (IVS)
  • Setting up FileWave Engage
  • Deploying clients and inventorying Mac and Windows devices
  • Building dynamic inventory reporting for computers
  • Developing software deployments for macOS and Windows (Filesets)
  • Automatically and manually configuring Fileset deliveries (Associations)
  • Construction of licensing reports
  • Building macOS and Windows images for deployment of new devices
  • Enrolling iOS devices and organizing them via smart groups
  • Integrating with Apple programs such as ASM, DEP, and VPP
  • Creating granular configuration profiles for iOS device configuration
  • Building real-world, complex workflows for iOS app and configuration profile distribution
  • Working with classroom solutions like FileWave Engage and Apple Classroom

Delivered in-person by an instructor, the FCA course takes 5 days. If you prefer to work online, you can complete the course at your own pace. Either way, you gain access to hands-on labs and assignments designed to verify your command of the material. Online-only FCA students also receive up to three additional hours of valuable, personalized feedback from a FileWave expert who is versed in the very latest best practices.

“The FCA course helped prepare me for the school year. I was excited to come back with a plan to change our set up and how we’re going to push apps and do Fileset associations.” – Mike Durbin, Technology Implementation Specialist, Euclid City School District

After completing the FCA professional development course, you take an exam to become a serialized FileWave Certified Administrator. You’ll get a certificate that essentially says you’re an IT rock star. Ok, not really, but it does help you deliver on the promise of doing “more with less,” which translates into real, positive impacts for your organization and your career.

The FCA course was designed to position you for success. Sign up to be a FileWave Certified Administrator today.

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