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Managing Apple Devices

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For many years, the only Mac computers in most companies were a handful used by the marketing or graphic design teams, and managing them just wasn’t a priority. Today, industry analysts estimate that more than half of all companies issue Mac computers to their employees who prefer them, and the numbers are increasing. It is no longer an option to leave those devices unmanaged, or to allow employees to provision and manage their own computers. Along with the iPads and iPhones that have proliferated for more than a decade, Apple devices now have a large footprint in a large number of organizations.

As a result, organization can no longer rely on “security through obscurity,” nor expect users to self-provision all the tools, applications, and configurations to be both productive and compliant with company policies, software licenses, and business goals.

One Solution to Manage macOS and iOS

By combining management of iOS and macOS devices in a single solution, FileWave can fully leverage Apple’s cross-platform frameworks, such as DEP and VPP, efficiently provisioning based on users and roles, rather than by isolated device types; computer only, or mobile device only.

With over 25 years of Apple experience, FileWave offers a well-established, native solution for managing macOS and iOS devices. Unlike traditional Windows management tools that in recent years have added token Mac management capabilities, our rich history and commitment to supporting Apple technologies means our products are designed from the start to fully leverage the newest management frameworks, leveraging tools such as DEP, VPP, MDM, and more. This native Apple management approach continues to be a driving factor in our development – ensuring complete support for Apple’s unique systems.