Empower end user productivity with FileWave Remote Desktop. Connect remotely across networks to walk users through difficult technical processes.

Remote Desktop supports both technical troubleshooting and just-in-time user training to reduce repeat incidents of technical support tickets. A faster, more effective response improves everybody’s productivity and eliminates ineffective self-driven fixes by making the Help Desk the path of least resistance. Smart technology deserves FileWave for smart support.

Remotely connect to view and control user devices across any network from any location using Remote Desktop.

For busy IT administrators like you, enabling end user productivity is the number one priority. Support ticket resolution rates are a key performance indicator that can rapidly become challenging for lean IT teams. But they don’t have to be. With FileWave’s remote desktop functionality, IT teams can analyze systems, resolve problems, and reduce the need for in-person visits from help desk technicians.

Just-in-Time Training

Connect remotely to walk users through technical processes and offer training to empower their productivity for the future.

Helpdesk Ticket Resolutions

Make IT the hero. Reduce ticket resolution times with the turnkey functionality needed to quickly find and fix issues for end users. 


Reduce user friction by connecting directly to malfunctioning devices to troubleshoot and implement fixes directly, with limited user-driven assistance.

Connect from Anywhere

Thanks to the FileWave Client, IT professionals can connect across networks and NAT configurations to support end users.

Improve IT support ticket outcomes with remote control of user devices.

End users expect rapid, effective responses to complex technical issues. For IT teams, this makes it difficult to satisfy user expectations while defending their organization’s network integrity and data security. Add the time consumed by travel for desk-side fixes, and user support quickly becomes a drag on IT efficiency. FileWave empowers IT administrators and technicians to turn a challenge into an opportunity to improve user experience and maintain security standards with Remote Desktop. 

By eliminating drive and walking time for in-person support, IT teams save time and reduce possible health risks for themselves and their users. Time savings are cost savings, allowing the team to spend their work hours on resolving more tickets more quickly, maximizing productivity throughout the organization. Any by connecting through the FileWave client, network integrity and security are preserved without negatively impacting firewalls or NAT configurations.

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