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Software Distribution

Multi-Platform Endpoint Management
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Video Description: Mooresville GSD’s 1:1 student technology initiative covers over 6,000 MacBooks managed by FileWave’s suite. Learn how endpoint management empowered student’s preparation for succeeding in a modern learning environment.
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Applications are the key driver of user productivity. Without the correct (and correctly configured) apps, users can’t connect to company resources and can’t do their jobs. While tools for delivering apps across the network have been around for many years, the distribution challenges continue to grow in complexity. Windows MSI or EXE installers and Mac Apps, along with mobile apps for Android and iOS, all need to get to the right devices, and more importantly the right users, according to their role.

FileWave supports all of those platforms with multiple options for delivering software: Traditional software distribution targeting Smart Groups based on criteria you determine, including departments, device types, and operating systems; VPP management, directing App Store licensed apps to the right iOS devices; and enterprise apps for Android or iOS.

Boost Delivery Across Large Networks

FileWave Boosters cache applications across complex and widespread networks, making delivery faster and more reliable. Intelligent routing through Boosters adapts to connectivity problems or issues with individual Boosters.

In the end, users will always find a way to get the apps they need. FileWave’s Self-Service Kiosk, for computers and mobile devices, makes IT the easiest way for them to do that. Vet apps in advance, configure them as needed to comply with company standards, and publish them in the portal to be installed by users as needed. Even better: Admin rights aren’t required for user-driven downloads from the FileWave Kiosk, streamlining the process while maintaining security.