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Mobile Device Management

Multi-Platform Endpoint Management
Video Header: Testimonial: East Allen County Schools
Video Description: FileWave’s mobile device management solutions enable East Allen County schools to seamlessly manage more than 8,000 iPads. These tools empowered students and teachers to transform their learning and teaching strategies throughout the school district.
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UNIFIED: A single framework to manage computers and mobile devices

FileWave enables you to manage all your devices together, knocking down IT silos and leveraging common workflows across all devices and operating systems. Easy-to-build configuration profiles and smart groups make managing mobile devices simple. And simple is good.

FileWave also supports Apple’s DEP and VPP. These frameworks, first developed for mobile device management of iOS devices, also extend to macOS computers. In addition to FileWave’s traditional client management, you can enroll your Macs in MDM, taking advantage of the lightweight management protocols, and making unified management even simpler.

FileWave’s MDM capabilities also extend to Chromebooks and Android devices. Complete inventory and tracking (including geo-tracking) of all devices gives you the data you need to keep users productive, and the network secure.

EMPOWERED: Self-service IT to support productivity

Employees want an easy way to get what they need to be productive. Whether their devices are BYOD, or enterprise-owned, we make it easier for end users to access apps & documents specific to their individual roles from a self-service kiosk, whether they are on a computer, iOS, or Android device.

Adaptable BYOD enrollment and zero-touch updates ensure devices remain up-to-date with little to no impact on end users - or IT time. Self-healing applications and content, blocking prohibited apps, and enforcing settings ensure compliance with privacy and security standards.

SECURE: Reduce complexity and increase visibility

By reducing the number of management tools, FileWave increases visibility, reduces complexity, improves security, and enables end-user productivity.

Detect and report detailed information on the devices connected to your network to secure it against unauthorized access. Manage data and device risk by tracking licenses and installations, enforcing security configurations and passcode rules, and even geo-tracking devices. Remotely respond to potential security incidents by limiting device access to confidential resources, or even by locking or wiping the device.