Multi-Platform Endpoint Management - FileWave

Multi-Platform Endpoint Management

As endpoints, device types, and operating systems multiply, IT staffing rarely multiplies along with the growth. Managing all the settings, applications, and support for computers and mobile devices with multiple management solutions only adds another layer of complexity.

FileWave offers complete client management capabilities for both macOS and Windows computers, along with mobile device management for iOS and Android devices, and additional reach to Chromebooks. By reducing the number of management tools, FileWave increases visibility, reduces complexity, improves security, and enables end user productivity.

It's more than multi-platform, it’s unified endpoint management.

Patch Management

It’s not about the patches, it’s about the holes. Most malware targets known vulnerabilities, not new vulnerabilities. Keep your Mac and Windows computers updated and secure.

IT Asset Inventory

Whether it’s managed or not, you are accountable for every device connected to your network. With FileWave’s robust inventory capabilities, you can easily find, track, manage, and report on devices, users, and applications.

Remote Configuration and Support

You can’t be in two places at once, but sometimes you have to be. With FileWave’s integrated remote control, you’ll improve first-call resolution from your Help Desk, troubleshoot problems more quickly, and remotely deploy and execute configurations, files, and patches right when they are needed most.


One way or another, end users will find the software they need. Make IT the path of least resistance, while empowering user productivity. FileWave’s Kiosk lets users install what they need, without compromising IT security, compliance, or admin privileges.

Imaging and Deployment

Traditional monolithic imaging is easy with FileWave Lightning, and in-place upgrades are more efficient using FileWave’s network imaging. But FileWave also supports zero-touch deployment, using newer technologies and best practices, such as Apple DEP.

Mobile Device Management

End users rarely use only a computer any more, and management of mobile generally falls on the same team that manages and support computers. FileWave enables you to manage all your devices together, knocking down IT silos, and leveraging common workflows across all devices and operating systems. Manage devices, apps, and settings to empower end user productivity.