FileWave® is great for SMBs, Fortune 100 companies, and everything in between.

Smart technology deserves smart management, that’s why with FileWave® for Business, you’ll be able to stay nimble and efficient in your business’s IT space. With asset management, security, and ease of use, FileWave® for Business helps you turn your IT department into a strategic asset.

Set up, manage, and secure your devices with ease using FileWave® for Business.

Managing your business’s strategic IT assets shouldn’t be hard. With FileWave®, we make it easy to manage your devices in a single source of truth, with a web-enabled dashboard that provides reporting and asset viewpoints on the fly. Here’s how FileWave® will help you as an IT administrator:

Remote Enablement, Always

In today’s day and age, enabling your workforce to work remotely is a huge initiative for any IT department. With FileWave®, remote enablement is easy. With access to a whole suite of tools, FileWave® can save time, energy, and create a frictionless environment where IT is enabled to do their jobs, always.

Intuitive, Web-Based Dashboard

Reporting and visibility has never been easier across your organization’s strategic IT assets. You can view them with instant access to uptime and increase your reach across your organization’s environment with a few simple clicks.

Multi-Platform Management

While other device management platforms focus on only managing one operating system, FileWave® brings all major systems into one convenient tool. We manage macOS, Windows, iOS, tvOS, Android, and ChromeOS with ease.

Real-Time Inventory

Keeping track of devices in your organization can be cumbersome. FileWave® provides ease-of-access visibility into your entire environment through a single, intuitive interface. Our uniquely positioned inventory management tools help you stay ahead of the curve, every time, and locate devices when needed.

Maintain a flexible, productive, and safe workforce with FileWave®'s suite of cross-platform device management tools.

Remote workforce enablement is a smarter choice for everyone. With FileWave®, you’re able to provide instant access to remote employees to enable them to do work in a more efficient and effective manner. Leading remote teams can be stressful, but with FileWave®’s unique inventory management, device tracking and location tools, self-healing capabilities, and self-service kiosks, your organization will continue to run smoothly, every step of the way.

FileWave®’s ability to process large-scale quantities of data and ensure that properly licensed software is consistent across all of your organization’s devices is a huge benefit. With our patented FileWave® Booster and unique Self-Healing abilities, you can ensure that your employees have the highest possible uptime and can continue their work safely and remotely. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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