Count on FileWave’s location tracking solution to easily find missing mobile devices. Secure lost or stolen devices against data breaches with lock and remote wipe functions.

Lost or misplaced devices are a nightmare for IT teams across industries. Sensitive intellectual property, unsecured personal information, and other key data can be a severe security risk to businesses, employees, schools, and students. FileWave provides the smart management tools needed to locate, recover, secure, and even remotely wipe missing devices.

Find any device, on- or off-premise, every time, with just a few clicks with our streamlined approach to device management.

When managing hundreds or thousands of devices, it’s almost guaranteed that one, or many, will eventually go missing. Whether it was lost, stolen, or simply misplaced, recovering the device, and more importantly, the data on it, is often urgent – and critical. With a simple click, FileWave Administrators can map the last known location, if available, of any FileWave managed Mac, Windows, Chromebook, or Android device, or group of devices, using our Location Tracking feature.

Location Tracking

Enable turnkey location data in the FileWave Client for devices across macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS, Android, and ChromeOs. With just a few clicks, you can find any device, on- or off-premise, every time.

Remote Wipe

In some cases, the only way to secure sensitive information on a stolen device is to remotely erase all device data. FileWave enables this last resort protocol.

Stolen Devices

FileWave customers have used device location data to work with law enforcement to recover stolen devices and stop rings of tech theft.

Find Missing Students

For schools with 1:1 device programs, law enforcement can help locate missing students using their school-issued device’s most recent location data.

Detect and report detailed information on the devices connected to your network to secure it against unauthorized access.

Securing private data is essential for protecting trade secrets and maintaining privacy regulations compliance for employees, customers, and students. When devices are stolen or lost, the threats to organizational security are very real. Maintain the security required by the modern world with FileWave, the leading MDM, UEM, and ITAM solution that empowers IT teams with smarter management features.

In addition to the cost savings experienced by avoiding costly fines and penalties for unsecured data, FileWave reduces the cost to replace missing devices. Those recovered devices put money back in your IT budget, either by reducing acquisition numbers or by allowing you to liquidate older tech. FileWave enables the loss prevention, security, and smart location tracking needed to manage a modern device environment. 

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