Digital Equity Toolkit Addresses K-12 EdTech “Homework Gap”

See how leaders in K-12 schools can establish greater digital equity for their students and communities.

Currently, only 3% of teachers in high-poverty level schools note that students have the digital tools necessary to complete homework assignments – compared to 52% in more affluent schools. Although digital equity is a complex problem, effective solutions require more than just federal and state policies. School districts can take an active stance in promoting digital equity.

The Digital Equity Toolkit provides school and community leaders with strategies to help close the access gap for learning for children from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Developed through the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Digital Equity Action Agenda, the toolkit has been designed to address this “homework gap” with recommendations on how to assess community resources, gaps, and needs – and how to meet those needs.

The Digital Equity Toolkit focuses on a holistic approach to creating a digital equity plan, one well supported by stakeholders and partners. The toolkit provides five strategies districts are currently employing to address digital equity, including:

  • Community partnerships to create “homework hotspots”
  • Low-cost broadband offerings
  • Mobile hotspot programs
  • Wifi on school buses
  • Private LTE networks

CoSN is a professional association for school system technology leaders, providing thought leadership resources and advocacy related to digital equity, privacy, security, and leadership. As an active advisor on several CoSN committees, all of us here at FileWave are excited about the most recent release of the Digital Equity Toolkit.

Newly updated, the toolkit demonstrates local efforts in action through the stories of rural, urban, and suburban districts that are improving digital equity. The toolkit provides actionable strategies as well as lists of non-profit organizations, federal programs, and private organizations willing to help build long-term, sustainable digital equity programs.

Education has always been an equalizer for students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. New technologies should advance that equality, not add new burdens to students who don’t have access. FileWave is proud to be a part of supporting digital equity among all students.

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