3 IT Challenges Faced by Every Growing Enterprise

Learn how to future-proof your company’s IT practices against the additional stresses that come with rapid growth.

The agile startup structure that allows an idea to gain traction quickly can also be a source of challenges during stages of rapid growth. With rapid expansion comes risk: control may be lost, quality may go down, standards may slip. In fact, two-thirds of the companies Inc. Magazine’s “fastest-growing companies” fail within five to eight years.

When we look into successful startups past that five-year mark, or businesses that have undergone rapid periods of growth, we see success is often tied to people, processes, and infrastructure. These businesses have successfully built a ‘backbone’ upon which to scale effectively, overcoming these common IT challenges associated with rapid growth:

  1. Demands on IT Grow Faster Than IT Staff – As companies scale, IT staff are left trying to balance the needs of a growing employee base as well as a growing customer base. Often, trying to support employee productivity will lead to disorganized purchasing and device deployment decisions – with very little thought given to standards, security, or long-term management.
  2. Manual processes and point solutions targeting certain platforms or aspects of endpoint management often lead to unnecessary complexity in IT, particularly as employees demand choice in endpoint devices types. Devices and device types quickly grow in complexity. The same manual processes in deploying software and managing devices are slow and cumbersome, impacting user productivity, making it difficult to maintain company and compliance standards.
  3. Today’s Employees Have High Expectations – Attracting and retaining top employees requires meeting the high expectations, driven by a tech-savvy workforce with consumer-driven expectations of convenience, speed, and satisfaction. Today’s employees want device choice (in device type, BYOD, and CYOD), instant access to applications of their choice to remain productive, and instant responses from IT support.   

When a young organization enters a period of rapid growth, it’s important to ensure that predetermined processes and infrastructure are in place to scale the business with control. For many businesses, IT challenges can halt growth for weeks or months when the focus shifts from driving the business to reacting to the needs of new employees and customers. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, a solid foundation of platform-agnostic client management capabilities with built-in flexibility and automation helps your business scale when it needs to, with security and control built into every end user device.

In our recent White Paper, Supporting Rapid Growth with Flexibility and Automation, we explore how a solid foundation of platform-agnostic client management capabilities with built-in flexibility and automation can help support your business growth.

  • Leverage technology to promote productivity for IT and end users
  • Automate wherever possible
  • Leverage consistent processes and workflows
  • Introduce self-service support
  • Ensure consistency of experience for all employees
  • Attract and retain strong employees by offering flexibility


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