FileWave®’s user support functions empower IT administrators to control their environment remotely and provide user support anytime, anywhere.

FileWave® makes user support faster and more effective for IT teams. With a powerful remote control feature that can connect across firewalls and NAT configurations, patented Self Healing Technology, and easy configuration management, help desk tickets get resolved quickly and easily.

Empower IT teams with powerful user support functions to remote control devices and resolve user issues from anywhere around the world.

Improve outcomes for your organization’s end users with FileWave®. Nobody likes to wait on lengthy support times. IT teams rely on FileWave® to increase their speed of response and reduce time spent resolving issues. Remote control, self-service kiosk, patented self-healing, and configuration enforcement make resolution easier for both end users and IT support members.

Remote Desktop

Connect remotely across networks and NAT configurations to walk users through difficult technical processes and offer key training to empower their productivity for the future.

Self-Service Kiosk

Make IT easy for end users by empowering them to install pre-approved apps and software. Avoid complications that stem from unmanaged, incompatible software installed by users.

Self-Healing & Auto-Resume

Ensure applications are properly installed even when interrupted by unstable connections or user behavior by setting customized intervals to automatically repair and reinstall apps.

Patch Management

Avoid the downtime and negative outcomes that come with security breaches with a streamlined patching experience that targets OS and third-party applications.

Improve your IT support ticket resolutions, user satisfaction, and technology outcomes with better management tools.

Help desk ticket resolution times and satisfactions are make-or-break metrics for IT teams. Give your end users the positive experience they deserve by implementing a device management solution that increases resolution speed and decreases friction. Supporting your end user productivity with FileWave® creates value on both sides of the user support equation, resulting in move value throughout your entire organization.

Smart technology deserves smart management, that’s why FileWave® provides the tools your team needs to enable the support experience your users deserve. For remote workforces and eLearning, FileWave® empowers  support to resolve issues quickly and easily. Combined with our complete device management for macOS, Windows, iOS, tvOS, Android, and ChromeOS, IT can keep end users working from anywhere worldwide.

About Us - SOC 2

SOC 2 Certification

FileWave® has successfully completed a Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) Type 2 audit for its Multi-Platform Device Management Solution and is now fully compliant.

The organization worked with Oread Risk & Advisory to perform an in-depth audit of our controls from the period between April 15, 2021 to July 15, 2021.

Please contact your sales or support representative to obtain a copy.

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