FileWave 11.2 and Imaging 4.2 add new features and management capabilities.

From new profiles and restrictions to Device Discovery and Booster Card View, FileWave 11.2 brings a host of new features aimed to expand your organization’s management capabilities – all while saving you time.

Additionally, FileWave Imaging 4.2 adds support for macOS Sierra, as well new Windows hardware, ensuring your organization can manage and image all devices from one console.


iOS 10 and macOS Sierra (10.12)

FileWave 11.2 includes numerous updated profiles and new restrictions for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. These new options provide FileWave administrators with more control over their organization’s workflow, security and more. Other changes include support for DEP protocol v3, Apple's latest iteration of DEP.

Updated Profiles

 iOS 10macOS Sierra (10.12)
        Communication Service Rules
Exchange Active Sync    
        Communication Service Rules
        Communication Service Rules
Google Account    
        Communication Service Rules
        Authentication Method for IKE2 EAP
        Captive Network, Cisco QoS FastLane
Security & Privacy    
        FireWall Settings  
        Delay after failed login attempts  


New Restrictions

 iOS 10macOS Sierra (10.12)
Change Bluetooth Settings  
iCloud Photo Library  
Apple Music
iCloud Keychain
iCloud Mail  
iCloud Contacts  
iCloud Calendars  
iCloud Reminders  
iCloud Bookmarks  
iCloud Notes  
Unlock with Apple Watch  
Share Settings (Notes, Reminders, LinkedIn, & more)  

= Available


Device Discovery

About Device Discovery

FileWave's newest feature, Device Discovery, provides FileWave administrators with an easy way to scan, detect, and report hardware present on their organization’s network. Whether you need to know exactly what you have on your network for IT management purposes, or you need a global overview report for an important meeting, customizable scans and reports ensure you get the information you need, when you need it.


Features of Device Discovery

Global Discovery Report Global overview reports provide the number & OS of devices on your network.
Flexible Scan Schedules One-time, daily, or weekly scans can be set to include any subnet or IP range
Simple Setup Easily configured and controlled within the FileWave Admin console.
One User Interface All results are accessible from a single UI, including filtering, sorting & grouping options.
In-depth Network Scans Scan your entire network, even across subnets.
Customizable Reports Easily create reports to show new, managed, or unmanaged devices on your network.
FileWave Booster Integration Scanning is integrated with Boosters - requires no additional hardware or software.
Customizable Scans Set scans to all Boosters or a specific subset of Boosters.


  • Discovery Configuration
  • DeviceDiscovery Results


New Booster Card View

FileWave 11.2 provides a new Booster card view for faster, easier monitoring of your organizations Boosters. Color coded cards allow FileWave administrators to see the “health” status of each Booster, at a glance. Furthermore, Booster cards also contain important information, such as active connections, files boosted, and more.

  • Boosters Overview2
  • BoosterDetails


FileWave Imaging 4.2

With the addition of macOS Sierra and new Windows imaging hardware support, FileWave Imaging is more capable than ever with version 4.2.

Here are some of the new features of FileWave Imaging 4.2:

    • macOS Sierra Support
    • Windows Imaging: Support for NVMe drives
    • Windows Imaging: Updated PXE kernel to support new hardware
    • IVS: Now “IVS upgrade” commands will preserve any changes made with the “imaging-control” command



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