FileWave 10.1 Release

Based on customer input during the FileWave 10 webinar, I agreed to include device location tracking in the next dot release. As promised, FileWave 10.1 includes Location Tracking, as well as a few other notable features and improvements that I'm sure you'll appreciate.

Please take a moment and review the 10.1 release notes below to learn about the new features, see product screenshots, and download your copy of our latest release.


Nurdan Eris
CEO, FileWave


Location Tracking

Any device, any location.

Have a lost device that you’d like to find? Ever wished you could locate that stolen smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop computer? With FileWave’s integrated Location Tracking feature you can easily locate those missing, or misplaced, devices.

With a simple click, FileWave 10.1 allows FileWave Administrators to map the last known location, if available, of any FileWave managed Windows, OS X, iOS and Android device, or group of devices. Location information is then presented in the device Client Info dialog to easily view the device(s) on a map.

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Image 1: Location Tracking map for an individual device, via the Client Info dialog.

Image 2: Location Tracking information for multiple devices, via the “Show Location(s)” option in the context menu.


Location Tracking Reports

Want a report of the last known location of a single device, multiple devices or groups of devices? No problem. FileWave Inventory now includes the option to build inventory queries to get a report of the last known location(s).

Additionally, the last location date and time of a device is available, providing FileWave Administrators information as to when a device last reported its location.

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Image 1: Location Tracking queries in FileWave Inventory.

Image 2: Last location date and time.


Location Tracking Privacy Settings

FileWave allows the flexibility for Admins to opt-out at both the organization and device level. Before FileWave 10.1, client state for devices could be set to either “Normal” or “Archive”. Now, with the release of FileWave 10.1, two additional client state options have been added – “Missing” and “Not Tracked”. The two new client states function as follows:

  • Missing: A missing device will report its location as soon as possible.
  • Not Tracked: No location information will be reported. FileWave Inventory will report "is tracking enabled" as "false".

Furthermore, the current state of a device will be reported by FileWave Inventory allowing FileWave Administrators to create smart groups based on that information. For example, devices that report “Normal” could be included in a smart group that reports their location every 24 hours, but missing devices belonging to a smart group could report their location every five minutes.


Client State menu options.


LDAP Extraction Safeguard

Built-in protection

FileWave 10.1 now protects against potentially dangerous changes to your Directory by allowing Administrators to define an acceptable level of deletion changes allowed per extraction event. If the number of changes exceeds the acceptable level, FileWave recognizes that the extraction may be potentially damaging and ignores the changes.

06LDAP Extraction Safeguard settings.


Reboot Deadline

Flexibilty, with guarantee

Want to give your end users the flexibility to delay installations that may interrupt their work day, but ensure that your deadlines are met? FileWave’s Reboot Deadline feature allows FileWave Administrators to set an absolute date and time that installations, and any associated reboots, are performed. Flexibility for end users with the guarantee you need. 

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Image 1: Reboot deadline option the Edit Association panel.

Image 2: End-user reboot deadline message.

Image 3: End-user installation deadline reached.




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