Email Expired?

The email that was auto sent is good for 10min. If you were unable to use the link before it expired (clicking on it sent you to a "An error occurred, please login again through your application" message page), no worries.
Follow these steps to setup your new password:

  1. From and click "Login (SSO)" in the top right"
  2. Click "forgot password"
  3. Type in the email address that the original email was sent for
  4. Check that email and follow the link to setup a new password

Thank you for your help in keeping accounts secure, we apologize for any frustration from this process.

12 November - Starting SSO transition

Starting SSO transition

    All time UTC
  • 11:41 - Changed login button to SSO auth
  • 11:47 - Verified SSO email abilities
  • 11:53 - Starting final checks before mass user migration
  • 00:20 - Started mass migration and email
  • 00:33 - Migration closed and post tests started

11 November - Update

Username transition done. Only minimal reports of users not remembering what email they used before

05 November Email:

Hello FileWave Alliance Community,

Based on your feedback, we have been working on a new system for support and information sharing. These updates are designed to improve your ability to use multiple services within the Alliance system. We appreciate your patience as these changes are being implemented.

Here is the timeline of events:

Thursday, November 9 - 0:00 UTC/GMT

Usernames on will be changed to the email addresses associated with your account. For example, if your current username is "User1" and your email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., starting on November 9 you will no longer login with “User1”. Instead, you will simply use your email address as your username for login.

Monday, November 13 - 0:00 UTC/GMT

A SSO (Single Sign-On) system will be implemented. As a result, when you go to login you will be redirected to a new login page. Logging in there will log you into, as well as the rest of the FileWave domain. Once your account is migrated, you will receive an email from the SSO server (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) that will include a link to setup a new password.

***NOTE: It is very important that your contact information is correct and current in our records and on your support contract(s). Future login credentials and permissions will be based on this recorded information.

Does logging into one site log me into them all?
Effectively, yes. Logging into any FileWave site with Single Sign-On (SSO) starts a session with the SSO server. This session is referenced each time you go to a new FileWave site. If a session is currently active you will be granted access. If, however, the session has expired, you will be asked to re-authenticate.

Why don't I have a username anymore?
Usernames are now email addresses. This is to simplify credentials and maintain uniqueness for authentication.

What should I do if I didn't get the email after the 13th to set up a new password?
Please contact your account executive to be sure your contact information and support contract are accurate. If you do not know who your executive is, please use the contact us form at and select the “Becoming a FileWave Customer (Sales)” option.