A Refreshed Interface and Network Imaging for OS X clients, now available in FileWave 6.1

FileWave 6.1 is here! Built with a new look and feel, Systems Management has never looked this good! You are now ready to take the reigns of your environment with an easy to navigate side bar, improved organizational colors, and visually striking icons.

The new integrated imaging solution for your OS X client machines allows you to easily create and deploy images across your network to machines already enrolled in your FileWave server. New Macs sitting on the shipping dock ready to deploy? No problem! Our integrated imaging solution works for them too! Simply feed your serial number list into FileWave and you’re ready to go!

FileWave and v.2 Consulting have partnered together to provide the first Apple Authorized Training Center to the great state of Indiana! Apple certified training is the most effective means of learning Apple technology, and adding credibility to your IT knowledge. With monthly offerings, v.2 Consulting's leader led classes will put you at the head of the pack in the IT support industry!

Training Courses:

ML 101: OS X Support Essentials
ML 201: OS X Server Essentials


Experience Integrated Inventory and Improved MDM with FileWave 6.0

FileWave 6.0 is here, packed with exciting set of new features and updates for deploying, managing and maintaining a diverse environment of devices and operating systems, including iOS, OS X, Windows and Linux.

Integration is the key to version 6.0 of the FileWave Systems Management Suite. FileWave Inventory is now integrated into the Management Suite. Inventory’s asset and license management are enhanced by many new customizable query tools, allowing users more ability to search, filter, organize and export queries for software, computers and other devices. Managing licenses through FileWave 6.0 provides users with an instant overview of their entire environment. Users can produce compliance reports by combining software queries with purchase orders and export them directly to Excel.

The staff at FileWave wishes everyone a happy holiday this season. Stay tuned for many new features and updates in 2013, designed to make your device management faster, easier and smoother.

It has become customary for FileWave to make a donation to two worldwide charities in lieu of sending Christmas cards and gifts. This year, our chosen charities are Médecins Sans Frontières and the Red Cross.

http://www.msf.org & http://icrc.org/eng

The new "Zero Touch" auto enrollment feature allows FileWave Administrators to add iOS devices to the FileWave system automatically - making it simple to bring new devices under management and deploy software and profiles to your devices as soon as they are enrolled.FileWave's new integrated Profile & Managed Prefs editor provides FileWave Administrators a single interface from which they can deploy both iOS v5/6 and Mac OS X 10.5+ settings - FileWave's unique deployment system works whether settings need to be applied via profiles or via Managed Preferences for legacy clients.

FileWave has released version 5.7 of its client management suite.  Version 5.7 is filled with new features and performance upgrades, including support for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.  Release 5.7 improves on FileWave’s already legendary scalability, allowing for one server to easily manage over 20,000 iOS devices.


FileWave’s Lightning is a free imaging tool designed to work with Apple’s new Thunderbolt™ technology. FileWave’s Lightning allows for the creation and deployment of never-booted ASR images, based on 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion installers. Once the base image is created, any PKG or self-contained OS X App can be added and sorted in a simple drag and drop interface. Lightning also fully utilizes the new Mountain Lion Notification Center.


Welcome to our new website, the new face of FileWave. We have designed our new site to be easy for you to navigate, find information and updates, and to interact with us and other FileWave users. In the future, we will be adding testimonial videos, product updates, calendar of events and training and a blog to keep you updated on how FileWave is interacting with the software management community.