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FileWave Adds Windows Network Based Imaging:  Cross-Platform Imaging is Easier than Ever.

Why have multiple solutions to meet your organizations management and imaging needs?  Why have to learn multiple interfaces and processes?  Why pay for more, yet receive less?

With FileWave, all of your Windows and Mac imaging needs are in one convenient, easy-to-use, interface.  New devices can be quickly and easily imaged.  Existing devices in FileWave can be imaged and automatically added back into FileWave.  Not to mention, on the Mac it all integrates seamlessly with FileWave Lightning Imaging.  On Windows, you can use the tool to generate an image and load it into the imaging appliance and immediately start using it to image your Windows systems.  Yes, it's really that simple.

windows imaging

Save time.  Save money.  Use FileWave.

FileWave makes Inventory Better than Ever

Do you wonder how often, if ever, certain software is used in your organization?  Do you wonder if your software budget is being spent wisely?  If so, new FileWave inventory features can answer these important questions.

With the power of FileWave, you can customize reports to meet your organization's needs.  Better yet, reports can be automatically generated and emailed to key stakeholders in a proactive manor to ensure they're always in the know.

New FileWave Inventory Features:
  • Scheduled email reporting (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • Detailed usage reporting
  • Easily extend FileWave for your own reporting needs with 80 new custom fields

Make informed decisions.  Use FileWave.

FileWave Leverages New iOS 7 Features

With the recent release of iOS 7 comes many new management and security features.  Although the new features are exciting, it leaves many administrators wondering how they will efficiently and effectively manage these new features at the enterprise level.

Enter FileWave.  For over 20 years FileWave has provided first class support for desktop and mobile devices, and iOS 7 is no exception.  iOS 7, when paired with FileWave 7.0, enables organizations to get the most out of their iOS 7 devices in a simple, easy to understand way.  And, most importantly, it just works.

New iOS 7 Features available in FileWave 7.0:
  • Managed Open In
  • Single sign on
  • Enhanced security & privacy
  • Single app mode
  • Fonts
  • Custom Settings
  • AirPlay & AirPrint
  • And many more!
Here's a look at a few of the new features:

FileWave - It just works.

FileWave Simplifies Managed Distribution

FileWave makes it easy to handle the migration from iOS 6 to iOS 7, especially in the case of managed distribution, which brings user management to the forefront.  Although redemption codes can still be used, managed distribution is the future of app management.  As a result, knowing which user is associated to a device is more critical than ever, and FileWave is helping education and corporate enterprises manage the relationship between users and devices in an easy, reliable and secure way.

*Managed Distribution Features available in FileWave 7:
  • Assign, revoke and reuse app licenses - license are no longer bound forever to a single device
  • Multiple ways to install apps
  • Integrates optionally with LDAP
  • FileWave supports both the old & new VPP model
  • Easy to use tools to perform mass invites and discover which devices or users need your attention
  • One license, one purchase, one time
Here are a few of the new managed distribution options:

*These features will be available upon Apple's official release.  Learn more at

Save time.  Reduce stress.  Use FileWave.

FileWave Supports Apple TV Management

New management options in FileWave go beyond iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch's by enabling organizations to enroll Apple TV devices into their existing FileWave system! Deploy profiles like Wi-Fi and default language.

Simplify – and focus on what matters. Use FileWave.