John is a 25 year Apple veteran. He worked for Apple Inc. as a systems engineer in the business division from 1988 to 1993, then as a consulting engineer for their education division from 1993 until 2013. 

During that time, John worked with the desktop management and server engineering teams assisting in the development of several key systems management products. These include the Apple Network Admin Tool, known as ANAT, which consisted of At Ease for Workgroups and Apple Network Assistant. These solutions evolved into Apple Remote Desktop and Macintosh Manager. John was a key contributor to the overall design of workflow of the client management solutions as they continued to improve, writing a lion’s share of the documentation for At Ease, Macintosh Manager, and finally the Managed Client for OS X, or MCX client management tools. John’s contributions to the technology industry include dozens of white papers, presentations, seminars, and videos on the complexities and solutions in the field of systems management. His expertise with the plethora of Apple and 3rd party cross-platform tools has been well noted in the community.

Welcome to the team John!