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One Console, All Devices


With the addition of Chrome OS, FileWave strengthens its commitment to multi-platform unified endpoint management. Customers can now manage macOS, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS and Android devices – all from one console.

With the release of FileWave 12, all FileWave customers and evaluation accounts have 5,000 free Chrome OS licenses for testing purposes. These evaluation licenses are already available in your FileWave Admin console and will expire on May 3, 2017, so be sure to start testing your Chromebook devices right away!

Have questions about this opportunity? Check out our Chromebook Evaluation FAQ for answers.


Easy Setup and Management

Getting Chromebook devices into FileWave is as simple as connecting your FileWave Admin console to your Google Admin console. Organizational Units are mirrored from Google Admin, ensuring all groups and devices are automatically organized within FileWave Admin in a familiar fashion.

Furthermore, FileWave provides several search and sorting features not available in Google Admin, making it easier than ever to perform routine tasks.

ChromebooksChromebook devices organized in FileWave Admin


FileWave Inventory Integration

FileWave’s robust Inventory feature now includes Chromebook devices. Users can quickly run full inventory reports on all their macOS, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS and Android devices to view:

  • Last logged in user
  • Available disk space
  • Device location
  • And much more

Chromebooks InventoryChromebooks in FileWave Inventory


Location Tracking for Chromebooks

With a simple click, FileWave 12 allows FileWave Administrators to map the last known location, if available, of any FileWave managed macOS, iOS, Windows, Android - and now Chrome OS - device, or group of devices. Location information is then presented in the device Client Info dialog to easily view the device(s) on a map. All devices use the same interface, making it simple and fast to find what you’re looking for.

Chromebook Support for Engage

FileWave’s classroom management tool, Engage, expands its support to include Chromebooks. Teachers can send the following commands to their Chromebook device:

  • Eyes Up Front - With a single action, teachers can temporarily “black out” / lock the screens and provide a custom message to an entire classroom of devices, directing students’ attention to the teacher.
  • Send URL - Launch students’ web browsers to a specific website.
  • Send a Poll - Teachers can quickly and easily create polls to check for student understanding. These “pop” quizzes can be shared within seconds to students in order to gain immediate feedback and adjust instruction as needed. Student responses are made available to teachers in a way that makes it very easy to identify which student(s) may require additional help on a particular concept.
  • Send a Message – Send a customized message from the teacher to a student, or group of students, without disrupting the concentration of other students.
  • Single App Mode – Open a specified browser tab, or certain apps, on a user's device.

    • 03 Engage Chromebooks
    • 04 Engage TeacherMessage
    • 05 Engage StudentMessage




Enhanced Imaging for Windows


FileWave Imaging v5 enhances Windows imaging by adding support for Native UEFI-based imaging mode. This provides support for newer devices, such as the HP Stream, Microsoft Surface Pro, Dell Latitude and many more that do not have a legacy BIOS-compatibility mode for network booting.

Additionally, several improvements have been implemented to increase the overall performance and stability.

Apple tvOS 10.2, iOS 10.3 and macOS Sierra 10.12.4 Enhancements

New, Powerful Apple Features


FileWave 12 includes many new tvOS, iOS and macOS management features designed to enhance your organization's Apple experience. These new capabilities give FileWave admins better control across more devices, ensuring their entire Apple ecosystem is covered. 

tvOS 10.2 features, restrictions and payloads

  • Support for new commands, such as remote wipe, change device name and restart device.
  • Support for DEP enrollment and Setup Assistant configuration, including Apple’s new “zero-touch” deployment.
    • Allows FileWave Admins to apply settings to an AppleTV as soon as it is plugged into the organization’s network, requiring no input from the end user.
  • Support for Conference Room Display
    • Blocks AppleTV interface, restricting the AppleTV to AirPlay.
  • Disable remote
  • Disable AirPlay

iOS 10.3 features, restrictions and payloads

  • Disable fingerprint setup for ApplePay, or altogether in DEP.
  • Enable/Disable dictation mode.
  • Force devices to allow Apple Classroom’s ‘Screen Observation’ feature.
  • Support for Tethered Caching. Support for new Lost Mode options include:
    • Force “alert” sound at maximum volume.
    • Improved details for tracking, including the speed if the device is moving.
    • Timestamp of the last update received from a device in Lost Mode.

macOS Sierra 10.12.4 features, restrictions and payloads

  • Disable fingerprint setup for ApplePay, or altogether in DEP.
  • Enable/Disable dictation mode (for state testing) 

In addition to the new options listed above, FileWave 12 also supports new fields in ASM’s (Apple School Manager) roster, providing more detailed information, such as:

  • First, middle, and last name
  • Passcode type
  • Class number
  • ID


FileWave Admin Improvements

Faster, Smarter and Even More Reliable


Numerous changes have been made to FileWave Admin, such as improved:

  • Queries
    • You can now set queries to “Any Device” to return any device type that matches your search criteria.
  • Audit Logging
    • Improved logging for Admin Audit History makes it easier to identify issues and provide relevant information to the FileWave support team.
  • Client View
    • “Auth Username” has been added to the Client View, allowing FileWave administrators to quickly see what user is tied to a device.
  • Dashboard
    • New Apple Classroom and FileWave Booster modules provide up-to-date stats and information “at a glance”.
    • Chromebooks are included in data, ensuring FileWave administrators have a complete picture of their environment.


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