FileWave Simplifies VPP

FileWave makes it easy to handle the migration from iOS 6 to iOS 7, especially in the case of VPP license codes, which brings user management to the forefront.  Although redemption codes can still be used, licenses are the future of VPP.  As a result, knowing which user is associated to a device is more critical than ever, and FileWave is helping education and corporate enterprises manage the relationship between users and devices in an easy, reliable and secure way.

VPP Features that will be available in FileWave 7.0 (release Q4):
  • Assign, revoke and reuse app licenses - license are no longer bound forever to a single device
  • Multiple ways to install apps
  • Integrates optionally with LDAP
  • FileWave supports both the old & new VPP model
  • Easy to use tools to perform mass invites and discover which devices or users need your attention
  • One license, one purchase, one time

Here are a few of the new VPP options:

FileWave Supports Apple TV Management

New management options in FileWave go beyond iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch's by enabling organizations to enroll Apple TV devices into their existing FileWave system! Deploy profiles and settings just as you would with your iOS devices, and utilize new profiles for your iOS devices to control mirroring and other AirPlay settings.