Using the available Imaging Virtual Server (IVS), FileWave allows you to control all of the aspects of an Imaging Environment on your network, using any hardware you have that is capable of running a virtual machine.

With FileWave 6.1 you can now add LDAP based variables to your iOS device profiles using our “Parameterized Profile” function. Insert wild cards into your profiles, such as %short_name% to pre-populate fields on devices with a specific user name. Great for One-to-One and BYOD iOS deployments. You can now send a fully customized profile to each of the iOS devices on your network using data already available in your Active Directory, Open Directory or E-Directory servers.

Have a need to integrate FileWave with other tools in your environment? FileWave’s RESTful API makes it easy to allow those tools to gather data from FileWave’s powerful backend database. If you’ve been looking for a tool to dive even deeper into FileWave, this is it!