FileWave 11.2 is just around the corner and will include an awesome new feature called Device Discovery. Read below to learn about Device Discovery and how your organization will benefit.

About Device Discovery

FileWave’s Device Discovery feature provides FileWave administrators with an easy way to scan, detect, and report hardware present on their organization’s network. Whether you need to know exactly what you have on your network for IT management purposes, or you need a global overview report for an important meeting, customizable scans and reports ensure you get the information you need, when you need it.

Features of FileWave's Device Discovery

Global Discovery Report Global overview reports provide the number & OS of devices on your network.
Flexible Scan Schedules One-time, daily, or weekly scans can be set to include any subnet or IP range
Simple Setup Easily configured and controlled within the FileWave Admin console.
One User Interface All results are accessible from a single UI, including filtering, sorting & grouping options.
In-depth Network Scans Scan your entire network, even across subnets.
Customizable Reports Easily create reports to show new, managed, or unmanaged devices on your network.
FileWave Booster Integration Scanning is integrated with Boosters - requires no additional hardware or software.
Customizable Scans Set scans to all Boosters or a specific subset of Boosters.

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