What do you get? Benefits of FileWave 8.5

Unmatched Compatibility

Broaden your support with the addition of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite - all from one console

Powerful Profiles

Do more with updated profiles, managed domains, and autonomous single app mode

Expanded Inventory

Expand your inventory capabilities with archive client, inventory unmanaged devices, and new inventory fields

Smart Administration

Efficiently manage devices with activation lock bypass and new device lock options

Detailed Control

Get the control you need with iOS managed app configuration and ByHost preferences

And much more...

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Benefits of FileWave 8.5

Unmatched Compatibility

Why have multiple management tools to manage different operating systems? Technology changes at a rapid pace, and so do we. Now, with the addition of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, FileWave continues to provide IT teams with a true cross-platform solution – all from one easy-to-use console.

Supported Operating Systems

Powerful Profiles

FileWave 8.5 helps organizations get the most out of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite by providing all available profile based capabilities. A few examples are web content filter plugins (iOS 7+), managed domains (iOS 8+) and autonomous single app mode.

Whitelist and/or blacklist specified web URLs on supervised devices to ensure web content is filtered even when devices are away from the organization's network - perfect for 1:1 deployments.

  • Managed Web Domains:  If a document is opened from an allowed web domain, iOS 8 will treat the document as managed for the purpose of managed open in.
  • Managed Email Domains:  Managed email domains provide a quick and easy way for end users to visually identify internal vs. external email contacts by color. This feature is particularly useful if a user is about to respond to an email with confidential information, but is unaware that an external contact is part of the email thread.
Autonomous Single App Mode
With autonomous single app mode, FileWave administrators can now control which applications are allowed to request Single App Mode.

Expanded Inventory

With FileWave 8.5, it's never been easier to be organized. Expand your inventory capabilities with archive client, inventory unmanaged devices, and new inventory fields.

Want to reuse or "retire" machines without losing valuable inventory data? No problem – with archive client FileWave administrators can archive inventory information for a single client, and still run inventory reports on it. Not only that, but when a device is archived, it automatically frees up a FileWave client license.

Inventory unmanaged devices, such as peripheral equipment, for complete inventory and reporting. With an unlimited number of fields, peripheral devices, such as printers, switches, and projectors, are just the beginning of what can be inventoried.

Several new inventory fields have been added for iOS 8 devices to expand reporting options.
  • Know if cloud backup is enabled on a device.
  • Know the date of the last cloud backup of a device.
  • Know if an iTunes store account is active on a device.
  • Record a unique identifier for each iTunes store account, while maintaining user privacy.

Smart Administration

Work smarter, not harder, with the features of FileWave 8.5.

In the event a supervised device is locked and needs to be re-provisioned, activation lock bypass enables an organization to unlock and re-provision the managed device to a new user, without the need for the previous user's Apple ID. This is especially useful if the user has already left the organization and the Apple ID is unknown.

Recover lost devices with ease by providing contact information via an iOS device's lock screen.

Detailed Control

Save time and hassle with iOS managed app configuration. This option, when made available by the app, allows organizations to configure app settings without user intervention.
Save time, while improving your end users' experience, with ByHost preferences by assigning unique user preferences, such as dock and display settings, to specific machines.

And much more...

Visit the 8.5 download page for a complete breakdown of new features.

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