With the addition of many powerful new features, FileWave 8.0 elevates systems management to a higher standard. The addition of Android support, Managed Distribution for OS X, multiple sToken support, inventory-based smart groups, improved license management, and parameterized profiles for OS X, makes your decision to use FileWave easier than ever. Additionally, FileWave will soon support Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) in the very near future to streamline the deployment of your Apple gear.

It's easy. It's powerful. It's everything a systems management solution should be, and more.

Android Support

Android joins OS X, Windows, and iOS as supported client operating systems, creating a multi-platform solution, perfect for managing diverse technology environments, such as BYOD programs. Key features include:
  • Enrollment and management of Android devices (v4.1 and higher)
  • Application and content deployment (APKs, pdfs, etc.)
  • Timed deployments to push or remove content at specified times
  • Self-service end user KIOSK for on-demand content
  • Self-healing deployments to reduce down time
  • Integrated Inventory
  • Remote wipe
Android kiosk Android detail view
Android Apps available via the FileWave Kiosk Detail view of a specific app

With the addition of Android, FileWave provides a complete multi-platform solution to meet diverse management needs. Combined with the other features of the new release, version 8.0 delivers an impressive systems management solution for those organizations that require a versatile, comprehensive solution.

It's versatile. It's comprehensive. It's FileWave.

Inventory-based Smart Groups

FileWave administrators can now create inventory-based smart groups and build rule-based deployment scenarios, providing incredible flexibility. Specific computers and devices can be identified by a variety of admin defined variables to automatically group devices, thus ensuring any machine that matches the smart group, now and in the future, will automatically get the prescribed fileset(s). This not only saves system IT managers time, but it also ensures end users have what they need.

A company would like to identify all machines that have VLC v2.1.0 that were not installed by FileWave and upgrade those machines to the latest version of VLC via a FileWave fileset to ensure they are managed by FileWave.

Step 1 - Create a query to define the criteria, as shown below.
Criteria 1: This expression states the version is 2.1.0
Criteria 2: This expression states the path contains VLC.app
Criteria 3: This expression states the fileset/name contains VLC is false (where the fileset is not already installed)

Smart criteria
Once saved, FileWave will make a group of computers that matches the defined criteria.

Smart Results

Step 2: Associate a fileset of the latest version of VLC to the new group and all machines, both now and in the future, that meet the criteria will automatically receive the fileset.

As you can see, inventory-based smart groups are an extremely power and flexible deployment mechanism, allowing admins to define custom workflows for fileset deployment, utilizing the same simple to use query builder as the integrated inventory.

Work smarter - use FileWave.

VPP Managed Distribution for Macs

FileWave customers are used to support for Managed Distribution on their iOS devices, but with version 8.0 FileWave now supports OS X, as well. With license management, users can now include OS X applications from the Apple App Store in the license management tab, so a view of iOS/Mac app store and standard fileset-based licenses will be visible in one place. Licenses can be assigned and revoked for Mac apps, just as users are accustomed to with iOS devices. End users are able to easily obtain a license for a Mac app themselves via FileWave's self-service kiosk, to get what they need, when they need it.

Multiple sToken Support

With the addition of multiple sToken support, FileWave 8.0 enables schools and businesses to have multiple facilitators manage their software deployments and the ability to gather all purchasing agents into one spot. With FileWave's tiered administration capability, FileWave administrators can create custom filesets, maintain control over which iOS or OS X systems they can distribute to, and provide granular support to all levels of an organization. If an organization uses Apple's Volume Purchase Program, FileWave's multiple sToken support will streamline institutional purchasing processes.

An organization has multiple VPP tokens across multiple departments that are assigned to multiple people, each with access to the VPP portal. The FileWave administrator can control who can deploy licenses from which which VPP tokens to which devices. In this example, there are four departments, each having their own VPP token.

Multi sTokens

FileWave - Management made simple.

License Management Improvements and Parameterized Profiles for Mac

FileWave's improved license management shows licenses for both OS X and iOS apps in one convenient location. To streamline the purchase process, your institution's license data is automatically populated into the system.

Additionally, Mac systems can now accept parameterized profiles on both OS X and iOS systems, allowing for unified support.

The best just got better.

Coming Soon - Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Support

Coming very soon after the release of version 8.0, FileWave will support the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). With the addition of DEP support, clients will be able to pre-enroll iOS devices that are purchased directly from Apple into their FileWave management system. This new functionality will allow IT organizations to supervise devices over the air, disallow removal of the MDM profile, and provide customized enrollment, per device, right out of the box. Stay tuned for the release of this exciting new feature.

Streamline your deployments with FileWave.

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