FileWave officially adds Managed Distribution to its long list of Apple features.

FileWave's integration of Apple's new VPP solution, known as Managed Distribution, provides its users with drag-and-drop ease of use to make managing volume purchased apps easier than ever.

Available now, with the power of FileWave, you can:

  • Assign, revoke, and reuse licenses for volume purchased apps with just a few clicks
  • Multiple ways to install apps
  • Integrates optionally with LDAP
  • FileWave supports both the old and new VPP model
  • Easy-to-use tools to perform mass invites and discover which devices or users need your attention
VPP window

Make management simple. Use FileWave.

Say goodbye to VPP spreadsheets – once and for all!

While FileWave still supports the previous VPP methods, existing customers who are familiar with Apple's previous VPP methods will love FileWave's integration of managed distribution. With FileWave, having to import VPP redemption codes via a spreadsheet is a thing of the past. Instead, FileWave automatically syncs with Apple's VPP license system, ensuring your database is always up-to-date.

Manage window

Work smarter - not harder. Use FileWave.

Learn more about Managed Distribution

Do you want to learn more about Apple's Managed Distribution? If so, checkout the following resources on Apple's website:

     For Business
     For Education

LDAP Integration

Does your organization have an existing LDAP infrastructure?  If so, FileWave’s seamless integration allows you to know which user is linked to a specific device without compromising your users’ personal information.

LDAP integration also allows you to know what apps/licenses are assigned to a specific LDAP user and, even better, have the apps automatically updated if/when the user is moved to a new LDAP group.


Tom, from the Marketing department, gets apps A, B and C assigned to his device upon enrollment.  Tom then transfers to the Sales department and is moved to the Sales OU (organizational unit) in LDAP.  This change automatically removes apps A, B and C and adds the Sales department specific apps X, Y and Z to his device – all without any FileWave admin or FileWave user interaction.


    • "Zero touch" for the FileWave admin
    • Seamless transition for end-users
    • Helps prevent license violations

Save time. Avoid hassle. Stay legal. Use FileWave

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